Where are the reblog buttons?

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    I selected “none” in the “blog you need help with” because the issue isn’t just on my blog; but, every wordpress blog I’ve been to since this afternoon and it is very late evening now…

    I know reblogs aren’t on Pages—I know you have to go to the single post and not the archive view to see reblog options—I know individual bloggers can decide to not have the reblog option…

    Thing is, I don’t see the reblog buttons on all the blogs that I’ve been regularly reblogging and they all couldn’t have shut off reblogging at the same time…

    So, I ask again, Where are the reblog buttons?



    Hello, many users reported the Reblog button missing and the developers are working on it. You can refer to this recent discussion thread https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/reblog-button-has-disappeared-from-blogs?replies=15



    Hello @amzolt, this is a known issue and as I see you have also posted to the above thread that @shridevibhat pointed to, I’ll go ahead and close this one.

    Staff have advised in that thread that they will update there when they have more information, so you may want to subscribe to that thread by clicking on the Subscribe to Topic link in the thread’s sidebar.


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