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Where are the rest of my posts?

  1. Sorry to ask what must be an obvious question.. but... I have been posting for about 3 weeks. I have about 30 separate entries. I can see all of the on the MANAGE function, but can only access about 20 on the VIEW SITE entry. What am I doing wrong? How can I make all the entries accessable to readers? Thanks

  2. Try using the either the Archive or Categories widget

  3. You haven't marked them private or anything have you?

    I count 15 for February and 5 for March.

  4. Nope
    I have 30 in the manage section. I added the widget for archive and that helped somewhat but the first five are still inaccessable....

  5. Can you please give a link to one of them?

  6. I can see that post no problem.


  7. If I might interject, I do have a suggestion to make. This blogger using the Cutline theme has only configured his or her Recent Posts widget to display 5 (five) posts. If he or she wishes to show more title links to more posts then opening the Recent Posts widget and configuring it to display 15 (fifteen) post links may be helpful.

    Hope this helps :)

    P.S. Using a firefox browser I can see the post linked to above just fine.

  8. That did it!!
    many many thanks.
    (PS. I am having a GREAT time with this).

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