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Where are you from?

  1. arjenlutgendorff

    I'm curious where you are all from? I'm from Holland (Europe).

  2. Seattle, Washington (USA)

    (Maybe this thread should be moved to "Off Topic"?)

  3. Done :)

    And me? The UK - right in the middle of it.

  4. Greetings Hollanders and Americans, Mark I thought you was a Yankee, I'd better behave you're just up the road from me. :o

  5. I'm from haven and I'm going back there!

  6. I'm from Spain..!!!*

  7. I'm from Canada, but live in Germany.

  8. I am Australian but I'm living in Canada

  9. I'm a Javanese jungle man -- a homo pithecus palaeojavanicus.

  10. I'm from Philippines and still living in the Philippines. LoL!

  11. Greetings from Lima, Peru

  12. Mabuhay! I'm from Philippines!

  13. From Yorkshire, England, and proud of it!

  14. Raised in Las Vegas, living in California :0)

  15. Delaware, USA, not that you could tell from my photoblog. ;)

  16. Chi-town!
    Chicago, IL

  17. Saskatchewan, Canada!

  18. Well, as for me, I'm currently living here in Hong Kong, but I was born in the Philippines. I moved here after finishing High School in Philippines, and now, I'm studying college here.

  19. I'm from a little city near Toronto, Canada!


    Someone can always start a collaborative map.

  21. I'm from the Philippines but now living in the USA. I will settle down in Florida once I retire from the military.

  22. im from bergen, norway:D

  23. I'm from Norway too, janne8. ;D

  24. Australia. Right down the very bottom of it. Two steps >>> that way and l'm in the Ocean.

  25. kult navn forresten, neseklype!;)

  26. Haha, takk. ;D

  27. Lakeview (sometimes better known as Boystown), in Chi-town!! Just four short blocks away from the Cubby's Wrigley Field!!

    Chicago, Illinois

  28. im a redsox fan, disembebbed... but i think i will be cheerin for the cubs this year ^^

  29. I'm from Virginia


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