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Where are you from?

  1. Im from Indonesia, but livin in Singapore! :)

  2. I'm on the otherside of the world from where I used to live, but I'm still from Minnesota. (you betcha!)

  3. Philippines :D. Hello to my fellow Filipinos!

  4. kuala lumpur, malaysia.

  5. Rochester, NY! Home of Xerox, Kodak-- and Philip Seymour Hoffman :)

  6. Good ol Sunny California (USA) The best of the West

  7. Warsaw, Poland - more or less in the center of Europe.

  8. Asheville NC

  9. Nashville TN all the way!!!!! -in rain WAY too much in C -ATTLE

  10. I'm from Alabama originally, grew up in Maryland, and now live in Pennsylvania within walking distance of Gettysburg battlefield.

  11. I am from Singapore, home in Zhejiang, China, now in Singapore, possibly heading to Europe in a year or two... might become some of you's neighbor. :D


  12. Netherlands and San Diego, CA

  13. I'm from London

  14. Born and raised Chicago, IL, flat land of winds, lake effect snows and crazy weather changes.

  15. Proudly Pinay, born and raised Philippines, Quezon City.

  16. I'm from Southport, in the North West of England, in the UK :D

  17. cliftonofhesperia

    I'm from a little town of Hesperia in the High Desert next to Victorville, in the US

  18. Everyone here is so exotic.

    I'm an Aussie :(

    Well, from Shanghai, but raised in Sydney, Australia.

  19. im from Worcester, MA in that "NEW ENGLAND" not the ol one

  20. awesome spread across the globe!

    im living in philadelphia, usa

  21. Durham, England (up in the N/E, near Newcastle)

  22. Born in Brazil. Raised in the US. I'm from Maryland.

  23. Malaysia.

  24. texas...... bo. haha

  25. I'm from near Liverpool, England

  26. Stockholm, Sweden

  27. Good ol' California. Not that far from San Francisco.

  28. The Philippines. Never left Luzon.

  29. Just east of Cincinnati, Ohio.

  30. Well technically I was born in the US and the flight attendants were not happy about it. I consider myself a Londoner though.

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