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Where Are You (Geographically?)

  1. I was born and raised in New England, specifically the Boston area. Currently, I'm about 40 miles south of there.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Write ten posts, and I'll tell you. Welcome to WordPress!

  3. Write ten posts?!?

    OH! Duh. Sorry, my site is I should fix that "Blog I need help with, eh?"

  4. Hm... Not sure where to change that, my blog is self hosted... I'll keep looking.

  5. Alright, I got it. NOW my username goes to the right place... Thanks for pointing that out. tactfully... :D

    Kidding. Seriously, thanks again.

  6. I don't think you can edit what you post in the Forums. No problem. I'll go over to the self-hosted site and leave you a comment.

  7. No, you can't... But I had that blog set as my primary in the Gravatar profile as well, so I fixed that.

  8. Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

  9. 53.5667° N, 1.4167° W

  10. Tropical island in southeast Asia.

  11. Central United States

  12. Way up in the cold land of Canada, where I ride a dogsled to work and have a pet polar bear named Inuk.

  13. Wales, UK

  14. South East US. South Carolina if you wanna get specific.

  15. Gulf Islands, British Columbia in the best country on Earth, which is, of course, Canada.

  16. *waves at timethief*

    San Juan Islands, just across the way from the best country on earth.

  17. London, UK

  18. @luddylens
    Woo Hoo! You were an islander too. How cool is that?

  19. The cool and misty temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest...

  20. Kashmir!(Pakistan) People call it "Heaven on earth".

  21. .... yorkshire *awkward silence*

  22. Yorkshire is a beautiful county and so diverse. I think there is beauty in all places if you look for it. Yes, even Hull and it's surrounds. :)

  23. Hull does get some decent stuff. Hull Fair of course! We have Freedom Fest now aswell. Nightlife is good aswell :P Just some people ruin it sometimes and Hull does have quite a bad name :S

  24. Ohio, USA

  25. karachi, pakistan

  26. @tt --

    Love it. Nothing could drag me back to the mainland!

  27. Hello neighbour! Thousands of miles away from me though. :)

  28. I meant @mahnoorqureshi

  29. hello.. ya but citizens of same country:)

  30. Bonjour from the Southern suburbs of Paris!

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