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Where Are You (Geographically?)

  1. Bonjour and Eiffel tower. Wow! What a place to visit.

  2. Bonjour hnsaifi! If you can't come to Paris(now at least), you can visit my photo blog. Bienvenue, welcome to you and everyone on wp.

  3. Your blog is nice one but not what I expected to. Sorry to say but there are some controversial pics there. ( I'm Muslim and am forbidden to see them.) Never mind I'll post about Eiffel tower soon on my blog.

  4. We are from Jakarta, Indonesia :)

    My blog is about turtles but my mommy's blog is about everything, she even shares Indonesia every 17th of each month

  5. From Ireland. Limerick to be more precise.

  6. British Columbia and Alberta: 2 contrasting provinces in climate and culture.

  7. Hi @papoe12, I 'am in Bekasi. Are you going to vote for the new governor tomorrow?

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    Nottingham, England. Where it likes to rain. All the time.

  9. I blame Robin Hood.

  10. I live in St. Louis, MO where we just broke away from over a week of record breaking, triple digit heat.

  11. @nandobase I'm Papoe12's mommy :) might sounds crazy to you but my turtles are considered as my babies.

    Nice to see another Indonesian here. No I am not voting today because my ID card is still registered in my old house and I am TOO lazy to go there.

    I visited your blog, too bad I don't like football.

  12. Southeast New York :)

  13. On the beautiful Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island--indeed a paradise.

  14. cumbria, england - where is rains just as much as nottingham- maybe its an english thing?

  15. I’m an Australian loose in north-east Scotland, by way of many other places.

  16. New Jersey. Does it matter which city? I've already lost your respect.

  17. I am a Bangladeshi, born in Chittagong, now living in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh,

  18. @Arif
    Welcome to WordPress neighbour! I'm from Pakistan. It seems you've not posted anything on your blog YET. But the funny 'default' tagline made me laugh.

    This site is the cat’s pajamas
    Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan times ago. I'd like to visit it. I liked the TV show anchored by Shehzad Roy ( Pakistani Singer) about his visit to Bangladesh. :)

  19. It's really make me feel good that someone has replied my post, thank you very much, and Bangladesh was never been a par of Pakistan, Bangladesh were brutally ruled by Pakistan, by the way I dont want to have a discussion about that, if you come to Bangladesh, you are welcome,

  20. I am very sorry for few grammatical mistake, Bangladesh was brutally ruled by Pakistan instead of being one nation

  21. Apart from that, this is a beautiful country, plenty of rivers plain land of crops mangrove forest, hilly forest and the longest beach of the world,

  22. Dude! You think so :)

  23. About what! If you ask about relation between east Pakistan and west Pakistan go back to any archives and find about 1971 libaration war at Bangladesh, and about visiting Bangladesh, obviously you are not guilty for what have done by your previous generation,
    I will be glad if you please visit Bangladesh,

  24. You said not to discuss it.
    =>Kia aap meri zubaan samj sakty ho?

  25. Yes => ami tomar kotha bujhte parchi

  26. Anyway, we can have some discussion regarding some other topics, do you agree?

  27. Then why not to discuss them on the blog? This thread is not suitable for any kind of discussion and we both are going totally off topic. Sorry to OP and other members out there.
    BTW I didn't understand what you wrote above :)

  28. That I wrote to you because same thing happened to me when you wrote something with your own language - " kia app....." , LOL....
    Anyway , we can have a discussion in another blog , your choice...

  29. Hi saif,
    Can you tell me something about jecobabad? Spelling is right I presume.

  30. Jacobabad is about a thousand miles away from my house. I'm in Kashmir. The only thing I know about Jacobabad is that it's the hottest region in Pakistan. How did you come to know about it?

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