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Where Are You (Geographically?)

  1. BTW You can call me Hamza, my real name.

  2. mahnoorqureshi

    @arifulrana i really feel that there were many injustices with east pakistan, but the people of west pak were not responsible for that.. some mistakes were committed by pak army , on the other hand bangladesh also shaked hand with india instead of negotiating with their brothers... we should not discuss the previous things.
    All the pakistanis respect bangladesh as a separate nation, i wish u know that how much paki supported ban in asia cup, we supported ban as we supported pak throughout the tournament even when pak won asia cup paki were not happy as they should be, because we were sad that our bengal brothers lost the match.

  3. Thank you very much hamza, i came to know about jecobabad from my text book when i was in 5th standard, this is the warmest area of the world, and my father was also been there while he was in Pakistan from 1968-1973,

    BTW, you can call me Rana,

  4. Oh Rana sound me to be a caste. That's why I didn't use it to call you.
    BTW Happy Ramadan to you and Mahnoor.

  5. western Canada! Near the badlands.

  6. Happy Ramadan to you, to mahnoor I would say that " 3 million people were killed and I believe this is not " some mistake" and don't get me wrong I am not blaming general Pakistani people for that, and I feel bad for them also the crucial time they are passing righ now,
    Though it's nice to have you people, since I am new in this area,

  7. Oh Please don't discuss it @Mahnoor, @Rana.

  8. mahnoorqureshi

    happy Ramadan!

  9. Happy Ramadhan to all of you who fast.

  10. Happy Ramadan to you too @nandobase :)

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