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Where are you getting the most traffic from?

  1. Are you getting twitter or facebook referrals? Search Engines? Or are you developing a strong reader base over time through developing relationships with other bloggers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Most of the traffic on my blog comes from google, especially google images. It's the matter of patiene, work with strong will power and determination not any magic. Social medias can play a good role if you have good and enough relationships there.

  3. At least 50% of my traffic comes from Google. I do have a reader base but it's quite tiny. And I don't just mean people who are subscribers but people who drop by and comment from time to time.

  4. I also belong to 3 other Internet forums related to my interests, I can from the referral links that they've clicked on my blog links which are with my signature on such forums.

  5. Google Images, then Facebook, then Twitter. Sometimes Gawker when I post a link in the comments there.

  6. How do you get a good return of traffic from Google? So far I haven't really seen many people come from Google. Thanks for your advice.

  7. It varies. Followers and loyal readers plus search are the regulars, but I pick up quite a few from other sources when specific mentions are made.

    For example:

    Forums: I'm on a number of farming/smallholding/self sufficiency forums where people see posts from me with my blog address in the signature. My blog posts are often quoted by other people who use those forums.

    Books: Andy Hamilton's Booze for Free includes one of my nettle ale recipes plus my blog address. Several other books on smallholding and self sufficiency give me mentions, too.

    Newspapers and magazines: I've had quite a few press outlets pick up blog posts and/or do interviews.

    Radio and TV: Same with the newspapers and magazines.

    Business websites: My blog is cited by quite a few businesses. For example, I've written extensively about using hoes for digging so, with permission, a digging tools website refers to my blog as a source on techniques and personal experience. I don't endorse specific products, but if reputable businesses want to cite my blog I'm usually happy for them to do so.

    Wikipedia: I'm cited in several entries on Wikipedia, e.g. you'll find me cited on the Chicken entry.

    Blogs: Quite a few bloggers have cited my blog. I also comment on a number of other blogs, always with my blog address given.

    Trade/professional bodies and clubs: Assorted farming, smallholding, poultry and pig breeding provide my details on their websites and in their newsletters.

    Twitter, Facebook & Linked-In: I've set up a fair amount of automated cross-posting, but work hard to keep posts relevant to the various audiences. Twitter is general, FB family and trusted friends, Linked-In professionals covering the various fields in which I have interests.

    One of the stranger sources of visitors are animal rights/vegan campaigners. As I breed pigs and poultry, I get quite a few hate comments about me on assorted forums and blogs along with links to the effect of "look what this monsters does!". My "how to skin a rabbit" post is a long-term driver of traffic because of this. I also get a quite a few visits from anti-4x4 campaigners. I don't publish the death threats or most foul-mouthed comments from these visitors, but the more polite ones do appear.

    It all drives traffic.

  8. The USA. God bless em. ;)

  9. @stonehead Do you think the quotes on your sources are a result of your longevity in the on-line world? What is your average daily traffic, if you don't mind my asking? sounds like it would blow my mind...

  10. @melodylowes
    Traffic stats are public on these sites unless the blogger suppresses their display or the sites are to new to have enough data to work with. and

  11. Whoa. I didn't know you could do that. Hmmm - learning a lot lately! Thanks tt!

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