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Where are you hosting your MP3 ?

  1. Please, somebody can tell me where i can host my MP 3 ? Do you know some sites where i can do this.

    Once again i'm sorry, for my bad english !!!

    Thank you for your assistance !!!!!

  2. is free. I'm looking at for podcasting, because $5 a month doesn't seem too hefty a charge for the bandwidth.

  3. Thanks a lot for your help !!!!!! I will try Odeo if it's free !!! In french ----------->MERCI !! ALUNSALT !!!

  4. Odeo won't allow new users to upload files from their computer. I have been registered for some time and it will let me, but it won't let new people do it. They can only put into their account files that are hosted elsewhere on the internet, so if you can find what you want as an MP3 online somewhere, you can copy it to your Odeo account. Otherwise you can't.

  5. I thought we could be hosting them here now at

  6. Yes, for a small fee.

  7. try it's a free service with a 12mb file max. all they ask for is an e-mail address. it uploads fast and gives you a link to the file that you copy into WP. very straight forward. I had the same problem figuring out where to host songs, as can be seen in one of my posts from last month.

  8. maybe you could try I've been using that but I've only started using it last week. So I'm not too sure if its really as good as it claims, but so far I'm pretty satisfied. =) Its free and when you register, you'll get 500MB, with max 50MB upload file size. And it can give you the url link and just paste it onto your entries =D Hope this helps

  9. Try Music Web Town. Unlike, your .mp3 files don't have to be in English for them to host your files.

    TheStatusJoe has a tutorial on how to do this.

  10. is your best bet folks. It's completely free. I uploaded some of my remixes there over a year ago, and they are still all there. They have also been indexed by Google, so I am thoroughly happy with the free service.

    You can easily podcast with this service.

  11. damn...i forgot about I use it to download Grateful Dead shows, but never realized its potential as a hosting service. good call, roos.

  12. No problem. I've been using them for a while, and I don't think there are any limitations whatsoever --at least, I have never seen anything about it.

    No offense to for trying to make a buck. Matt is doing a great job at his business and I totally support his entrepreneurial spirit. It's what makes America tick. In fact, I have bought an upgrade for custom css. Capitalism totally rocks.

    But is what I plan to use for hosting large files, especially because its free without limitation. is good too, but it only allows 1 GB of storage per account.

  13. Thanks a lot for your précious help !!! I have resolved my problem !!!!! You people of wordpress are really helpfull !!!!!!

  14. You are welcome.

  15. I'm currently using 2Gigs of storage space and 20Gigs of bandwidth. Although I'm going to try some of the other ones mentioned here as well.

  16. I use libsyn because it's so podcast friendly.

  17. I've noticed that the mp3 player in stays on "buffering" forever when using some hosting sites. I think it may have to do with URLs. I have tried one with a short URL and it works fine. But one with a long URL seems to not work. Masking a URL with Tiny URL did not work either. works for instance (has short URL), but (has very long URL) did not. I'm trying to experiment with some hosting sites to see which works best. I will post my findings after I have collected enough data.

  18. Brent, can you point at an example of where it's not working?

  19. I figured out that zshare does not allow hotlinking. So I imagine that any hosting site that does not allow hotlinking to files will have this happen.

    I was thinking that it had to do with the URL. But today I noticed that zshare says that it does not allow hotlinking. So I added 2+2.

    You can only link to the page on zshare, because it serves ads. Makes sense I guess. They offer free file hosting up to 100MB for each file, and there is no membership required to upload. The catch is that they want the page clicks for their Google ads.

    So now I have to find hosting that allows hotlinking to mp3s, but does not requires membership.

  20. Sounds about right. COuld always just go ahead and get the upgrade here and host the files onsite.

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