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Where are you Sara?

  1. I really like Sara from lifewith4ctas and mideaval maiden. She is a kind and interesting woman. Last night I found out her blogs had been deleted :(

    Anyone know why? I miss her already.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ungabungagirlw

    I too just found this out. I don't know what happened either. I hope she comes back.

  3. Wow, you're right. She did hit Like on my Today's Post, so I guess she's still about, but no clue what happened to her Sites.


  4. @Ungabunga I hope so too

    @DarkJade That's funny. How could she hits like button but no blog

  5. Oh no! I hope nothing is wrong. She's a great lady.

  6. Yes... both her Blogs are just mysteriously gone.... unexpectedly and without any explanation. She had been following my Blog, and she's still listed but none of the links bring me back to her... :(

    I hope she comes back, I really enjoyed reading her stuff and seeing her around the forums.

  7. @Momfog I hope nothing's wrong with her too

    @MistressNeko. I haven't seen my subscription yet, it would be unusual if she is still there but there is no blog. Like you, I also enjoy her writing...and she is one of my special friends because she is one of the first who subscribe my Turtle blog.

  8. Sara's two blogs have been deleted by Sara herself, for myself and 3 others things have been getting a little strange lately.

    But i also will miss her being about.

  9. I miss her too. I was wondering where she went. Then again I'm sure it's none of our business. I do hope she's ok though

  10. Blatantly a government cover-up.

  11. Her Avatar has switched from her Pic, to a Generic one, so maybe that means that she's now not only deleted her Blogs, but her Account too, not sure.



  12. @dribblingpensioner
    Did Sara say why she deleted her blogs?

  13. Not really TT, a couple of us have our thoughts on it and were taking about it, and we all think the same, but i cannot say what it is, you understand i'm sure.

  14. I saw the avatar change, and she's disappeared from my subscription followers too today... I didn't really know her all that well, but it's troubling to see her just "evaporate" so suddenly and without any sort of explanation. Sort of scary really...

    I realize it's really none of my business, it's her own personal choice and for whatever reasons that's her privacy, but I still hope things are OK for her..... she didn't seem the type to just drop out of sight so abruptly.

  15. @dribblingpensioner

  16. @Dribbling Although I don't understand what had happened but I am not a I am not going to dig it up.
    I hope things are alright with her. She is such a nice woman and I HATE losing a friend.

    @MistressNeko I agree, it is scary. She is not the kind who likes to pick a fight through bad languages and insult people, so I do believe she has no enemy or whatsoever that made her decide to just disappear. For whatever reasons, I sure do miss her. She has been so nice to me and my turtles.

  17. @dribblingpensioner I admire your discretion. I'll miss her.

  18. Thank you guys for thinking of me and for the kind things you have just said. Im perfectly fine. I understand what @dribbling and three others may like to portray. (and do portray) I can assure you... those three have no idea, and they perceive wrongly.

    I have removed my blogs and backed up from the whole situation without saying goodbye. I may come back after things sort themselves out. Im still here though. Im Just, rethinking stuff.

    Shame about loosing my blogs, I worked so hard on them, but what else should a person do, when they realize they had been stalked and targeted by someone long before ever they knew that persons plans? What else should a person do upon realizing a stalker who is a blogger, Invents different avatars, and profiles, just to mess with some ones head? When a kind person gets taken advantage of, or when a practical joke is heartless and cruel?

    sorry if that didnt make sense. I don't like to gossip either. Im still around.

  19. What else do you do? You come to 'Ard Pete and he tracks them down and sorts them out!

    Pretty shitty what's happened to you though, hope you keep safe and will grace us with your blogging brilliance again one day in the future :)

  20. Ow...that sounds serious Sara :(
    I hope you get things right and come back to blogging world again....just ignore all the heartless and stupid people. I have been there too, he even talked about me in his blog...I ignored him...let him said whatever he liked.

  21. Really lovely to hear from you Sara and that you are well and still around, i do hope you start a new blog again some time.

  22. Definitely.... and when your ready, it'll be good to read you and visit with you again.

    Just ever so glad to know it wasn't something super terrible that happened to you. :)

  23. Hey Sara,

    Do you have a link to your cat bath video? It's such a great video and I know people who need to see it. I'd love to be able to give them a link.

    I just figured your cats caught wind that you are writing about them and, in typical cat snootiness, went in and deleted it ;)

  24. It's sad to see your Blogs gone, Sara! Let us know when you come back and we will be subscribers again.

  25. @midaevalmaiden
    I am sorry you picked up a stalker that happened to me as well long ago. I do wish you well in all you do and hope we do connect again in the future.

  26. Well, you report them, that's what you do.

  27. Sara - I am so sorry - I've been so busy I've been out of the loop and although I saw the heading of this thread, I didn't really connect the heading to YOU.

    I know I've been remiss in my visits lately, but I too liked your work and I wish you well in your future writing.

    I'm with Raincoaster - you report them, you don't let them win!!!

  28. invisiblemikey

    I will miss reading you while you're gone too Sara. I do believe you are a warrior princess by attitude, however, so at some point you'll win this fight.

  29. I'll miss you Sara. You were one of my favorite people.

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