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Where can I download the zip files for the new Ever After Theme

  1. I really want to use the wedding themes on a new website for my brother who just got married, as I have all the pictures and he wants a website to show them all off and for memory keep sake!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can find and activate the theme in your Dashboard under Appearance>Theme

  3. @micknal29,

    We have a plan to make Ever After available for self-hosted users in Extend. Stay tuned!

  4. @iamtakashi

    Oh yay!!! I decided to go with and was bummed that I couldn't use this theme. When will it be available, do you think?

  5. We don't have a specific time frame to give you for when Ever After will be released in the Theme Directory, but please it is on our todo list for the future.

  6. @designsimply does this future has any time limit ?

  7. We don't have a specific time frame ... it is on our todo list for the future.

  8. Hi there,
    Just trying to find out if Ever After theme is available yet? Thanks! Julie

  9. I'd love to use it on my blog, too!

  10. That's nice. There is no timeline as yet.

  11. Not yet available I assume since I can't find it in the directory... :(

  12. Too bad this theme isn't available for self-hosted WordPress instals yet, or else I'd be willing to pay for the theme...

  13. Yeah, I guess that's too bad and you will just have to be patient.

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