Where can I find a widget that tracks followers?

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    I’d like to allow people to follow my blog but I can’t find a widget in the WordPress dashboard that does this. Or maybe is just that I don’t know which of the widgets can do this. It could also be that there is no WordPress widget for followers, are there any outside resources I could use? Any help would be appreciated.

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is cocodivas.wordpress.com.



    We can’t give answers appropriate to your blog without a link to the blog, starting with http. It depends.



    Sorry about that, here you go.


    Hi! my blog is http://peopleinaction.wordpress.com/
    how can I let people to follow my blog. I cannot find any widget in the dashboard.
    Please Help Me

    Thank you for your attention



    Your headline about “a widget that tracks followers” and your message “how can I let people to follow my blog” seem to me to be two different questions. I’ll leave the widget question to someone else, but as for the second, I suppose you might like to know about Feedburner.com. This service (now run by Google) makes it possible for you to provide a link on your blog where a reader can click to sign up for automatic emails whenever you update your blog. I have used this for free on several very low readership blogs for a year or so, and am very pleased with it. If our church choir director puts a message (or more) on the choir blog during the day, once a night Feedburner copies that message (or messages) into an email to all the choir members who have confirmed that they wish to subscribe to the “feed”.


    Thank you so much edwinridout I shall look at it right away.
    The main inquiry remains. I would like to add a widget in order to let people to follow my blog (something like the one blogspot gives).
    Any idea? anybody?

    my blog : http://peopleinaction.wordpress.com/

    Thanks everyone



    @ peopleinaction

    There is no easy way for someone (who doesn’t use RSS reader) to follow your blog without going through a few steps to get themselves “subscribed” to your blog. Take a look at the “Subscribe Email Updates” button on http://shimworld.wordpress.com/ and you’ll see the Feedburner page it brings you to.

    I currently have 100 email subscribers and 132 “followers” by RSS readers (also a Feedburner service—see bottom of sidebar). The Email subscription service works very well except there is one very annoying thing about Feedburner … it sends a confirmation email link to the subscriber which needs to be clicked before the service is activate. What I’ve found is that many a time, that email gets filtered as spam and I’m left with many “unverified” subscriber which I would ended up deleting.

    Too bad WP.com does not provide a more user-friendly straight forward to subscribers to enter their email address directly on the widget and be done in one go.



    Hello everyone
    I would like to know which widget can help me track my followers and my visitors. I am using Blog Stats but that will not tell me where my visitors are from.
    my blog is: http://crylyn.wordpress.com
    Thank you



    Yeah im wanting to get followers myself also. So i guess i have to start a blog then do as some of the people above tell us to do? Help is always appreciated from me




    @kendra12 :) i do not want more followers, i meerely want to know where the ones that i have are from



    @crylyn Oh yeah i see now guess i miss read what you wrote but i understand. Guess you have alot of followers. lol but yeah i would want to track mine too when i start to get them.



    Can anybody help me? Should i post this question in another section?



    @ crylyn

    You may want to take a look at http://whos.amung.us/ instead which provides real-time tracking of your visitors and the pages they are visiting on your blog. If you have very few or a lot of visitors and have a large enough computer monitor you can even maximize the whos.amung.us Dashboard entertain you :)

    My visitors are sporadic and you can check out the live tracking of my blog http://whos.amung.us/stats/l3e3vx0m/

    Hope this helps!



    You can also use Clustrmaps in a text widget in your sidebar and that will display an interesting graphic showing where your readers are from.

    As for the rest of you, you’ll need to define “Followers” a little better. This isn’t Twitter. Do you mean blog readers, or blog subscribers? Or do you mean something else?



    Well, I’m new here but I assume what everyone is asking for is the same widget Blogger offers. Visitors can click to follow your Blogger blog, and I’m looking for a similar widget here. I assume, from reading the above posts, that WordPress doesn’t offer this feature. Is that correct?

    My blog is: http://anyadavis.wordpress.com/



    That is correct, WordPress.com doesn’t offer that widget, because it doesn’t have that function in the first place. Tumblr was the original place that first invented it, btw.

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