Where can I find my followers/subscribers list again?

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    I followed the directions: Dashboard > Site Stats > Totals, Followers & Shares > Site followers/subscribers, however the followes/subscribers tab is not found, it’s just isn’t there. How can I access this list?

    The blog I need help with is atheisms.wordpress.com.


    It’s moved to the home page. When you’re logged in, look at the top of the window where you’ll see the grey admin strip. At the far left of it there’s a little ‘W’. If you hover your cursor over that you’ll see links to the tabs on the home page (not to be confused with your blog’s home page which is where all your posts can be seen). Click on ‘My Stats’. When on the home page, you’ll see the tabs at the top – the My Stats one should be open, if not, just click it.

    Scroll down My Stats and you’ll see what you’re looking for near the bottom on the left. Under ‘Followers’ you’ll see the number of people who’ve subscribed to your blog via the ‘follow’ links, also some may be from other sources (like Facebook, I believe, but I don’t use that myself so can’t advise on that). To the right, you’ll see the number of people who’ve subscribed to comments. You can click the ‘blog’ or ‘comments’ link to get further information.

    You need to know, though, that once someone is subscribed, you cannot remove them.

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