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Where can I find the Atahualpa theme ?

  1. I will be using my wordpress blog for my photography. I have been looking fo the Atahualpa theme,but cant find it. I was told that If I can find it within wordpress, then all I have to do is just activate it, if not then I would need to download it. I found a place where I can download it,but I had rather just find it within wordpress, and then just click activate. Can someone please help me find this theme? !

    I typed in Atahualpa in the search box on the theme page,but it says no results found.

  2. External, downloadable themes are NOT for use with WordPress.COM blogs. They are for WordPress.ORG only. You can't use that theme here.

  3. I know of someone using it right now with, I just cant find it for .com

  4. Okay, so if the Atahualpa Theme is for, then is there another theme very similar to it for reason I wanted to use that one is because I was told that it is setup alot like the kinda of theme I am looking for. I want one that is simliar to these : and
    It doesnt have to be just like those, but you get the picture of what I am trying to achieve. Please someone help me !

  5. How about making it easy to help you. Example links should start with http so they can be clicked on and not force people to use Google to find the links. Also a description of the features /colors etc that you really want helps.

    Remember you can look at all 101 Themes in your Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes - click on the preview for a bigger view.

  6. @misthillphotography

    Okay, so if the Atahualpa Theme is for, then is there another theme very similar to it for

    I know the theme you point to very well. The answer to your question is "no". There is no version of the Atahualpa Theme here at That theme is customizable and although we do have some new themes that have some customizable features, and older ones too - none of them are anywhere near being as customizable as Atahualpa is.

    It's also important to know that here at we cannot edit the templates underlying our themes. This is because we are all on a wpMU (wordpress multiuser) blogging platform. What that means is that in essence all blogs using the same theme are in essence using the same template. Only Staff can access and edit the template files as any change made will effect all blogs using the same theme.

    If you do have CSS editing experience and you are willing to purchase an annually renewal upgrade you can edit the style sheet for any theme you find here > Appearance > Themes but you can only make change to "appearance" and not to functionality. Also CSS editing here at wordpress.COM is theme specific and you cannot use CSS stylesheets from elsewhere. There is a preview fuction so you can try before you buy here > Appearance > Edit CSS

    There is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support so you will require at least a moderate understanding of HTML and CSS because you must be prepared to do the work on your own if you do decide to purchase the upgrade.

    Lastly, it's really important for those who are new to to read and understand the differences between free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG installs.

    Best wishes with your blog.

  7. @ auxclass
    Sorry, I thought I put the above links so they were clickable. I really dont care about the color of the theme for now, if I could just get it so that I had tabs up at the top of the blog, and I could get those tabs to be a drop down menu. Guess there isnt a way to do that. I am on flickr also, and alot of folks there has said that it was possible, but I though you guys here might be more familiar with it & be able to help me. Its so frustrating when you know what you want, you just cant seem to get it going.

  8. @ Auxclass .... I have already went to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes - and looked at all themes.
    Also one more thing I have tried to do, is in regards to the header. All the themes I have tried so far all have a long narrow stripe at the top. When I upload my photo into that header , then it cuts off the top and bottom of my photo. Even after I crop it. Its just that the header space isnt large enough for my photo. Is there a way to make teh header box larger to hold all of my photo ?

  9. If it is tabs at the top of your blog that you want, then look at some of themes which now support custom menus.

    Appearance —> themes —> filter for custom menus

    Also take a look at this article:

    (…oh, a little heads-up on clickable links: is not a live link, but is clickable)

  10. Images for headers must be uploaded as the specified size for each theme that allows a header image. The crop function for the header images is broken so you must craft your image to the required size before you upload it.

    See here:

  11. @ 1tess
    Funny, I currently was on the Apperance > Themes > Menus page just now when I came back over here to see if anyone had replied yet to this post. I kinda got the picture that I was probably at the right spot to do the tabs> drop down menus.... but just cant get a grip on how to manage to start it. OR how to make these tabs appear at the TOP of my blog page.

    I am currently using the Modularity Lite Theme, and it shows that it has the custom-menu option with it.

  12. Well, here is a support document about the relatively new customizable menus:

    And here is an excellent article about Modularity Lite:

  13. My advise would go beyond just the technical issues of setting up your blog: which theme, color, menus, fonts, headers and so on.

    If you are worried that people will see your blog before you perfect it, make a "practice blog" to test how themes and other things work…Put up a few posts and add some categories, play with widgets and customizing menus in different ways.

    You can generate text just to get an idea about how it would look:

    Once you understand the difference between pages and posts, and how to use categories to organize your work, making a menu will be easier.
    (Don't be afraid to look around at the support pages—lots of good info there!)

    Think about pages as being info that stays the same (an about page, info about your camera or lighting, or whatever is basic about your work). Then use your posts to display your photos, or to write about the shoots. Finally, use categories to let your readers find posts they would be interested in: nature, children, weddings, location, etc.

  14. You said it perfect ! Thats exactly what I am wanting to do . As I said earlier I know exactly what I want to do with by blog and exactly how I want to set it up. Its just getting it to look actually like it does in my head. ( Of course thats the hard part)

    I want a tab that it titled " About Me" or "Meet Me" and then once you click on it, it takes you to another page that tells all about ME.

    Then I would like another Tab titled " Portfolio" that has a drop down menu that you can choose from , something like ... Newborn > Toddlers > Family > Weddings

    Tab titled "Rates" and then that take you to another page.

    Okay enough right ? LoL you get the picture... I am sure!

  15. I will go back through all your links you provided me tomorrow.( Gotta work tomorrow) Hopefully I will get a better understanding of it. Hope to see you around here frequently, keep an eye out for me with all my help questions, LOL.... Thanks =)

  16. What a nice thing to say! I look at these forums nearly everyday so I'll be seeing you. You'll also see lots of other volunteers who will be here to answer questions as you develop your blog.

  17. Okay, I went to one of the above links , and come across this : . It talks about adding new pages , and from what I understood in the video tutorial he has tabs up top. One of those being the 'About Me' section. Once you click on the about me tab it takes you to another page which of course then tells you all about the person. My problem I have run into is when I go to add new page, I dont have the option over the far left to choose under attrubutes like he does.

    When I look to the far left, it shows Page Attrubutes > Template and then It gives me 2 choices, either Full-Width,no sidebar OR Default Template.
    It doesnt give me the option of choosing main page or about me

    I would like to have a HOME tab, and then next 'ABOUT ME' tab ( I'm actually going to call my about me tab, Behind the Lens )

    Hope this makes sense.... As I explained above that I wanted tabs up under my header. Then for those tabs to have drop downs. Is the Page section how you would create these ? Can you help me out on this one?

  18. I saw someone had said that they created a Private “test” blog to test drive the features to see them in action. I'm guessing they created another wordpress blog just to mess around on and test things out ? If so, and I wanted to do that, then would I just create a whole new wordpress blog with new name and all?

  19. Oh yes. A test blog is an excellent idea. Just create another blog on your account. If you want to ask questions you can set the privacy to public but not allow search engines. One of my test blogs is like that and in over a year, it has gotten maybe 15 hits total. If you set your test blog to this level of privacy then volunteers here can see what you are doing.

  20. About your page navigation tabs:
    You are using the Modularity theme so your tabs will be above your header (on the right).
    Other themes may have tabs below the custom header, or not have a picture header at all. You need to choose a theme that looks the way you like. But Modularity is a really nice theme, even though the navigation is above the header (in my humble opinion)

    "Page Attrubutes > Template and then It gives me 2 choices, either Full-Width,no sidebar OR Default Template."
    Where you are looking at this, look above it, and you will see Page Attributes as the title, then Parent, and then a drop-down menu where when you have other pages you can choose one to be the parent of a new child page. Your About page (Behind the Lens) should be a parent page, so no worries that you don't have any other pages to choose there: you want it to be a Parent.

    about Full-Width,no sidebar OR Default Template.
    The theme in the little video does not have the choice to show it's sidebar or not on pages, but Modularity is a new theme, and it has this special feature: you can choose to show a sidebar on a page, or not.

  21. In regards to a test blog, You said just create another blog on my account. Do you mean that I can have to different blogs that I can access under 'My Account'? OR do I need to log out of this one that I am currently in ( mistyhillphotography) and then go to and totally start a blog from scratch ?

  22. You said ..... Where you are looking at this, look above it, and you will see Page Attributes as the title, then Parent, and then a drop-down menu where when you have other pages you can choose one to be the parent of a new child page"

    I do not have that option. I have looked and looked in case I was over looking it. If I could take a screen shot and show you I would. I only have one choice to see a drop down menu under Page Attributes, and thats the " Full-Width,no sidebar OR Default Template."

  23. You can add as many free blogs to your current account as you like:
    you can then log in once and choose which blog you want to work on.
    My Account —> My Blogs or
    My Dashboards —> choose which dashboard (blog) you want to work on

    (I have 1 account and under it there are 8 different dashboards I can access with one log-in)

  24. So, here is a screenshot of what my page attributes section looks like

  25. I think you started off differently, so the parent-child page attributes is of no concern right now.

    Ok, I've studied your source code just now and can see that you are using a custom menu and you have the words "Menu Item" as the title of your "Behind the Lens" page.

    <li id="menu-item-19" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom current-menu-item menu-item-19"><a href="">Menu Item</a>

    The screen says, "Whoops! Whatever you are looking for cannot be found." because you have not written anything on that page yet.

    So edit the page called Menu Item. Change its name to Behind the Lens and add your content. Save and you should be good to go.

  26. One more thing, you should do as Panos suggests, "PS Go to Settings > General and change “Just another site” to something that describes your blog (or delete it)."

  27. Okay, I dont have a place like your screen shot that shows Attributes>Parent> then choice of any options. I just dont have it . I dont know why.

    I found my menu tab, and just deleted all the menu tabs that showed anything including the "behind the lens". I then went back to Pages >add new page to see if I had the option for parent or child page, and I dont.

    I also have created a test blog. I started from scratch and went to the page section added a new title,but once again I have no option to add parent or child. I am totally lost now. But hey, what did you expect, right ?!

  28. Well, perhaps it doesn't matter just now: the default option for creating pages is for them to be parent pages. Can you take a screen shot so we can see what you are looking at?

    Just checked out what you did: you got your about/behind the lens page working!! Great!

  29. Whoo. Hold that thought above I just wrote. I think I might be getting somewhere( just maybe)
    Okay.. I went to Pages > Add New > and created a new page titled " Behind the Lens".
    I then went back and went to Pages > Add New > and created another title named "Categories"
    So now, I have basically 3 tabs up top, which are > HOME >BEHIND THE LENS > CATEGORIES

    So now, that I know how to add tabs up top, I need to figure out how to make those tabs have a drop down and then that selection I choose on the drop down take you to another page =)

    Are you with me so far Tess ?

  30. The way you have your categories page is not quite right, though.

    I'd suggest that you make/write a few posts and then assign them to some categories. You need some categories before you can link to any categories, if you see what I mean.

    If you want to do this on your test blog so we can see it (rather than on your real blog) then give a link starting with http://

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