Where can I find the Atahualpa theme ?

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    In regards to a test blog, You said just create another blog on my account. Do you mean that I can have to different blogs that I can access under ‘My Account’? OR do I need to log out of this one that I am currently in ( mistyhillphotography) and then go to wordpress.com and totally start a blog from scratch ?


    You said ….. Where you are looking at this, look above it, and you will see Page Attributes as the title, then Parent, and then a drop-down menu where when you have other pages you can choose one to be the parent of a new child page”

    I do not have that option. I have looked and looked in case I was over looking it. If I could take a screen shot and show you I would. I only have one choice to see a drop down menu under Page Attributes, and thats the ” Full-Width,no sidebar OR Default Template.”


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    You can add as many free blogs to your current account as you like:
    you can then log in once and choose which blog you want to work on.
    My Account —> My Blogs or
    My Dashboards —> choose which dashboard (blog) you want to work on

    (I have 1 account and under it there are 8 different dashboards I can access with one log-in)


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    So, here is a screenshot of what my page attributes section looks like


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    I think you started off differently, so the parent-child page attributes is of no concern right now.

    Ok, I’ve studied your source code just now and can see that you are using a custom menu and you have the words “Menu Item” as the title of your “Behind the Lens” page.

    <li id="menu-item-19" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom current-menu-item menu-item-19"><a href="http://mistyhillphotography.wordpress.com/behind-the-lens/">Menu&nbsp;Item</a>

    The screen says, “Whoops! Whatever you are looking for cannot be found.” because you have not written anything on that page yet.

    So edit the page called Menu Item. Change its name to Behind the Lens and add your content. Save and you should be good to go.


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    One more thing, you should do as Panos suggests, “PS Go to Settings > General and change “Just another WordPress.com site” to something that describes your blog (or delete it).”


    Okay, I dont have a place like your screen shot that shows Attributes>Parent> then choice of any options. I just dont have it . I dont know why.

    I found my menu tab, and just deleted all the menu tabs that showed anything including the “behind the lens”. I then went back to Pages >add new page to see if I had the option for parent or child page, and I dont.

    I also have created a test blog. I started from scratch and went to the page section added a new title,but once again I have no option to add parent or child. I am totally lost now. But hey, what did you expect, right ?!


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    Well, perhaps it doesn’t matter just now: the default option for creating pages is for them to be parent pages. Can you take a screen shot so we can see what you are looking at?

    Just checked out what you did: you got your about/behind the lens page working!! Great!


    Whoo. Hold that thought above I just wrote. I think I might be getting somewhere( just maybe)
    Okay.. I went to Pages > Add New > and created a new page titled ” Behind the Lens”.
    I then went back and went to Pages > Add New > and created another title named “Categories”
    So now, I have basically 3 tabs up top, which are > HOME >BEHIND THE LENS > CATEGORIES

    So now, that I know how to add tabs up top, I need to figure out how to make those tabs have a drop down and then that selection I choose on the drop down take you to another page =)

    Are you with me so far Tess ?


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    The way you have your categories page is not quite right, though.

    I’d suggest that you make/write a few posts and then assign them to some categories. You need some categories before you can link to any categories, if you see what I mean.

    If you want to do this on your test blog so we can see it (rather than on your real blog) then give a link starting with http://


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    OOps, talking at the same time. Yes, I’m with you. But you need some categories before you can have your child pages, so get going and make up some posts to add some categories.


    Your right, My Categories tab is what needs to have a drop down menu with choice to choose from of : NEWBORNS>TODDLERS>FAMILY

    I’m not so sure I understand what you mean when you say “I’d suggest that you make/write a few posts and then assign them to some categories” ?

    So do I need to go to Pages > Categories > then make a post there ? ( Just a post about anything for now, so I can understand what your talking about ?)


    OR , do I need to go to Post > Add New > then just make a random post there , and then we can go back and assign a it to a categorie ?


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    Yes, go to post add new and make a random post. make a few while you are at it.


    Okay, I created 2 post for now.

    Is there a way to make my page private except from Moderator’s for now, until I get it like I want it ? I know I can go to Settings > Privacy > and it says …… I would like my blog to be private, visible only to users I choose. Can I then choose only you Moderators to view my page for now? If so let me know. =) I’ll be back here same spot tomorrow .


    I went ahead and marked it to be private except to who I choose. I marked you (1tess) and Panos as users to view my page for now. It said type in user name. I hope I did it right. Let me know if you cant see my blog.


    Tess , where you at ?


    Just checking back ?!!



    Bumping threads is considered bad form here. Tess knows how to find the thread.

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