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Where can I find the blog creation date?

  1. I forgot the date when I created my blog. :(
    I changed the date of my first blog entry so I dont have any idea about the birthday of my blog. @___@

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Perhaps it's the same date you published you first post.

  3. Your account has been active since May 24, 2010 - did you start your blog with this account and start blogging as soon as your opened the account?

  4. They used to have a creation date under I think Domains but it looks like another "great improvement" with that info being removed.

  5. ~~auxclass
    Good thinking. You clicked the member link under imsuperdiana's username

    P.S. The pollen here is terrible -- sinus headaches. :(

  6. thank you so much! :)

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