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Where can I find the snowflakes?

  1. Last year I found the snowflakes on my own pages, but don't seem to find them now (more like don't have any idea.) Please lead me by hand. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, looking forward to some kinbd of add on for Christmas, the snow last year was fabulous

  3. Vill ha fallande snö på sidan som förra året men hittar inte "krysset i allmänt " i år.

  4. Hi there!
    Do we know when the snow feature will be available please?

  5. No.

  6. They apparently haven't activated it yet this year.

  7. Add me to the list of those looking for WP snow.

  8. We need snow please!! It used to activate automatically on the 1st Dec if you'd turned that option on but it's vanished this year. Can we have it back please as it was so lovely..??

    Thank you

    Sharon xx

  9. foodblogandthedog

    Desperate for snowflakes too! It's the nearest I get to a Hite hristmas living in Spain! ;(

  10. It's snowing!! Dashboard>Settings>General

  11. Yayyyyy!!!!!! Lovely x

  12. Snow!!! Thanks, WP. We need it so desperately in Colorado! Now, for Christmas I'd like a ... ;)

  13. To enable or disable snow see the last setting on this page > Settings > General
    Snow __ Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.

  14. Is there a plugin for self-hosted pages? The snow option does not show on my general settings page. :(

  15. Found the plugins!

  16. Please post top the correct support forums to find what you need such as

  17. Profmomma ~ I'm assuming there's not a box you can check at the very bottom of your General Settings page?? That's what appears on mine. Not sure about the plugin option....sorry!!

  18. Just an afterthought ... every year when the snow stops, I feel let down. I understand it's a holiday thing, but it's also a winter thing. Could it be extended through January, or even through February? People who don't like it could turn it off. I mean, it's not a drain on WP resources, is it? Why not just leave it up through the winter?

  19. @sharonxx
    Note what I posted above please. profmomma is not a referring to a blog and is posting to the wrong support forum. We bloggers cannot install plugins on blogs.

  20. I just signed in it's SNOWING on it's own! Yeah! Thank you!

  21. I just signed in it's SNOWING on it's own! Yeah! Thank you!

  22. These are technical support forums. Please post your chat on support forums and not here.

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