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Where can I see examples of Themes in use?

  1. There used to be (July 2012) something on the preview for each theme that showed 2 or 3 actual blogs using that theme. But now I can't find that. Is that no longer an option???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Google search and enter the footer as a search string.
    Blog at | Theme: Splendio by DesignDisease.|+Theme%3A+Splendio+by+DesignDisease.+&|+Theme:+Splendio+by+DesignDisease.+&gs_l=hp.12...1558.1558.0.3262.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.cGE&fp=a488cc953b749e4e&biw=1132&bih=611

  3. Okay that didn't work but this will.

  4. The tinyurl just gets a 404 error.
    The Google search turns up info about Splendido, the design team, posts from people with questions about how to use it, etc.

    Is there no longer an option to just see 3 random WordPress blogs using the Splendido (or any other) theme?
    Or is that option now somewhere else (I think it used to be on the Theme - Preview page)

  5. If there had been another option I would have provided it.

  6. Sorry to offend.
    Thanks for trying, anyway!

  7. Sorry about the 404. works for me.

  8. P.S. I'm not offended. I'm sorry the first link produced a 404.

  9. Aha! Here's a way to do it. Click this tag and visit the blogs of those who posted to the support forums using Splendio.

  10. OK, yes, thanks-- I've been doing that, but it's sooooooo slow! Because I have to do that with every single theme I'm considering.
    I wonder why WordPress got rid of the easy option and instead is making the choice so difficult. (That's a rhetorical question ;-D)

    Thanks for your help!

  11. For the Google way, this is what you put in the search bar: "Theme: Splendio by DesignDisease"

  12. Thanks, justpi, I'll try that!

  13. You're welcome.
    As for your original question, those "2 or 3 actual blogs" can usually be found in the Theme Showcase site:

  14. Aha, the Theme Showcase! I see...some have examples of actual blogs and others don't. I guess when I first started hunting around for themes I just got lucky and came across one after another with examples!

    Thanks for your help!

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