Where can I see who Follow my Blog via Email ?

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    I founded the blog just last month.
    94 persons till now Follow my Blog via Email.
    Since yesterday (only !!!) I started receiving WordPress mails with announcements about mail addresses of those who follow the blog.

    Why since yesterday?
    Where can I see the rest of 87 persons who Follow my Blog via Email (5 of them has WP blogs and appear somewhere in dashboard.

    In dashboard maybe too, but where? I don’t think so. On mail appear e-mail addresses of followers. I didn’t know about this since yesterday when I started to receive announcements like I said.

    Thank you for the answer.

    The blog I need help with is dulceiutesarat.wordpress.com.


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    Go to your stats and see the “Totals, Followers, and Shares” module. Click on “blog” or “comments” to see the lists.

    WordPress.com Followers (includes Publicize)
    Email Followers http://wordpress.com/my-stats/?blog_subscribers&type=email




    please tell me how to delete an individual follower. I know how to view these followers, but trying to delete them is not available. I should be able to approve or unapprove certain followers, and I do not know how to do that.



    pLease heLp me ‘deLete’ an individual emaiL foLLower!!


    Tess, thank you very much for your complete answer!

    Almost of the followers were recorded by FB …. that why do not appear in my e-mail with e-mail addresses. I didn’t know about this … via FB…

    I didn’t read the stats attentively in every “corner”. Excuse me!

    Best regards!


    Falkner, very interesting your question. I’m interested too what’s the answer but I think is better for you to open a new topic and very important are the tags …. Write many and suggestive tags, staff can see quickly.



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    The forum tags also help future readers to find previous answers, not just for staff. I remember when I first started here that I read forum answers just to learn the ins and outs of wp.com!!

    It’s not a perfect solution for finding help here; the forum tags can be erratic. But sometimes they are useful.

    In this case, about spam followers and whether you can delete them (you cannot) there is this big long topic on the subject with a forum tag link: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/preventing-spammers-from-being-notified-of-new-posts?replies=127


    Tess, very useful the link. Tx!

    …. Yes, the forum tags help future readers, too.

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