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Where did all my spam go?

  1. laurasbadideas

    My spam queue has been empty for at least a couple days now, even though the spam numbers in my Akismet stats have been increasing (a couple hours ago, my stats said that 9327 total spam messages had been filtered; right now they say that 9333 have been filtered -- but my spam queue is still empty). Normal comments are working fine.

    Did I accidentally enable some kind of "delete spam without keeping it in a queue" setting? I couldn't find anything like that on my dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you send them to Trash rather than clicking the "spam" button? Files in the trash are automatically deleted after 30 days. Aside from that, I'm sorry but as we Volunteers don't have backend access to blogs so we can't help with your issue. if you need an answer then it has to come from Staff.

  3. laurasbadideas

    Thanks, timethief. I didn't click any buttons -- I'm not seeing any spam at all. At first I thought I just wasn't getting any (which would be unusual, because I usually get about 10 times as many spam comments as real ones), but then I noticed the spam numbers were incrementing. It's as if, when Akismet sees a new spam message come in, it discards it rather than putting it into my Spam folder. The messages aren't in my Trash folder either.

  4. I can't figure out what's happening either - sorry. :(

  5. laurasbadideas

    Well, at least that means I'm not missing something obvious. :-) I'll submit a support request.

  6. laurasbadideas

    Actually, I may have found the answer in the process of filling out the support form (the searches they guide you through are better than the searches I did on my own). There's an option called "don't discard spam on old posts", which was unchecked on my blog. If that option isn't set, then spam on *new* posts (posts less than 30 days old) goes into the spam queue, but spam on old posts (posts 30+ days old) is just discarded. So it's possible that I've just been getting spam on old posts and not new ones.

    I've checked the box, and I'll see what happens.

  7. Aha! That's it. I forgot all about that Discussion page setting. You have resolved this - good going. :)

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