Where Did All-Time Go?

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    I’m wondering if this is a global WordPress.COM change or if somehow, in some weird way, it disappeared from my site stats.

    When looking at the page ‘site stats,’ I no longer am able to click (or see) the option to look at the all-time referrers or the all-time top posts & pages.

    Here’s a link to a screenshot of what my site stats looks like. I’ve put red circles where there used to be something I could click.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

    The blog I need help with is imagineintobeing.wordpress.com.



    I’d like to know where all-time went, too. If it’s gone, I will REALLY miss it.


    I am aggravated that this is gone.



    Hi. You should bring this to the attention of staff:

    In the meantime, from the stats page, under “Referrers”, you may see a link called “Other Sources”. Click on it, and you should be able to see a link on top for “All Time”.


    Thanks for the tip, airodyssey. This does let you see the ‘all-time’ referrers, but I’m more interested in the all-time top posts & pages, lol.

    I’ll contact the staff and post a reply here later, if no other mod comes by and answers it first.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

    PS: I realize now that the “link” that should be where my red circles are on the screenshot is “VIEW ALL.”



    I am missing the “all time” on my posts as well and would like to know how to obtain that data.



    @wmccaig: Please read myreply.



    @ airodyssey

    “In the meantime, from the stats page, under “Referrers”, you may see a link called “Other Sources”. Click on it, and you should be able to see a link on top for “All Time”.”

    This is not on my stats page.



    @dmar91: I also said to contact staff :-)


    I contacted staff and this was the response::::



    The new stats system is based entirely on user feedback regarding the old system.

    It’s still a work in progress and our team is making subtle changes every day.

    I will certainly pass your request on to them.

    For now, you can view detailed stats for each day individually by clicking the bars in the Visits graph.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

    James | Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com



    If you’d like to see this featured added (or more accurately, returned), I would suggest contacting the staff to show them that it’s not just one person who would like this feature re-instated.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage


    I will be adding my two cents for sure. This is lame that they deleted that feature.
    I liked updating my readers every once in a while on what my top posts of all-time were. Usually they didn’t change much, but it was still interesting to see.

    As usual with changes here at WordPress.com, they don’t bother to tell anyone via e-mail (only a note hidden somewhere deep within the forums that you can’t find). Changes were made to a theme I was using — completely deleted and another theme substituted, all without any warning. Courtesy would be appreciated. I understand it’s free, but still…



    @airodyssey your reply was related to “referrers” and I am trying to find the “all time” info for posts.



    contact staff.



    Again that link for Staff is http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    You know, based on my own blogs, and the blogs that I manage, the top 10 or 20 spots seldom, if ever change because typically those are posts that get a lot of attention on search engines. For my own blog, the 5th highest post has 10 times the hits of the 6th, and the top post on my blog, which still gets tons of hits per month via search engines (think popular, timeless material) is at nearly 100 times the hits of the 5th place post.

    The likelihood of me writing a post that will challenge any of the top 10 in any meaningful way (given the huge head start those posts have) is virtually zero. This pretty much holds true for all the blogs and sites I manage also. Some posts on certain subjects end up being massively popular.

    Of course, YMMV (your mileage may vary).


    What I’m saying is that for me at least, the top 20 or so spots never change. They are always the same post, and if I cared to look into it further, it might even be the top 50 that never change.



    But there was the option to look at the top Posts for 7days, 30 days, Quarter, Year and All time – so it is possible to see what is recently most popular and not just look at forever – I used it regularly – helped me to optimize linkage between related Posts –

    Taking it away was a step backwards – and yes I added my voice directly to the Staff



    i just clicked on “other posts” at the bottom of today’s posts, and it brought up the usual “7 days… 30 days… quarter… year… all time”.

    it would appear that the functionality still exists but is reached a different way.



    Or it could be that the brought it back after people contacted them recently.

    Who knows, but thanks for posting that.


    It has returned!

    I was informed this morning that a link to reach this has been added – differently – but added.

    There is now a link called “This Week” on both referrers and top posts & pages that you can click on, which will allow you to sort by week, month, quarter, all-time, etc.


    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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