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Where Did I Use an Email Address?

  1. sanctifiedbrother

    I used a client's email address when I was setting up some accounts for him as a test run. I've since taken over the account and set up a few other blogs and now have to transfer ownership of one of the blogs elsewhere. I just can't tell where the email address was used. I've checked each active account that I can think of and can't find it, therefore the client can't use the email address to set up his new blog. How can I find out where the email address was used?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have lost access to your account, please visit and click "Need More Help?" if necessary.

  3. sanctifiedbrother

    Thank you, timethief. I have all of the accounts, I just don't know where I used the particular email address. We were setting up a new account for the client and realized the email address is in use (somewhere in the blogosphere LOL).

    I'd rather not reset it…it might be easier to just create a new email address so I don't disrupt any other active accounts.

    Thanks, though. I appreciate the assistance!

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