where did my blog entry go?

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    Hi, I wrote 3 blogs two days ago and only one of them is still up. One had a pic of a leg that had been cut, as in cutting. So I guess maybe someone reported it or something. But why did I not receive an email telling me that it was getting taken down? And the second one I wrote was also deleted. Why have two of my blog entries been deleted with no email on here or my personal email to inform me of this? I wrote it and this blog was my only copy of them. If I can not have it up here, then I would like to put it in my personal journal. Please help. Cutting is a very serious matter that affects me and some of my family. I put the pic up to inform people. to teach people. I thought this site was for those purposes. Please tell me why they were taken down. The other one, which I can not remember the name of, why was it taken down? I feel like I should have gotten a warning, to tell me to edit them…. I mean I got nothing. I have no way of getting them back and I want them back. If not on here, then just on my personal computer. Please help me.

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