Where did my post go?

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    This morning I spent more than an hour writing a new post. I even downloaded photos. I published it and then took a look at it. I didn’t like the name of the post and so I edited it and put a new name. But now I can’t find what I wrote anywhere. I don’t see it in the trash folder. Please help.
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    I see that your post “Placerville in the Rain”, published today was initially named “Placerville in the Rain and Other Stuff”

    Is this the one post your are looking for?


    Yes, and I have found the title in “restore” but I don’t see what I wrote and the photos that I uploaded. Thanks.



    I see that the three oldest versions of the post are empty beside the title and the fourth one is the one where you explain losing your content.

    Did you save your draft from time to time while you were working on it?

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