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Where did spellcheck go?

  1. I know I'm probably just blind but I can't find spellcheck in the new version anywhere. I even clicked on the kitchen sink image but couldn't find spellcheck in there. Any hints? Is it a feature that was taken away in the new version?

  2. Staff is working on it, it will be back but it may be a day or two.

  3. OK! Whew! I thought I was going to have to actually break out the dictionary or something.

  4. In the meantime you can copy the blog you have into microsoft word and see all the spelling mistakes you got, then "manually" change them in your actual blog. Don't copy/paste from microsoft word onto your blog or there will be big problems! Just use it as a guide :)

  5. am glad it's being looked into

  6. Thank god, I thought it was just me.

  7. No, I thought it was just ME :))

  8. whew! (also thought it was just me)

  9. pornstarbabylon

    If you use Firefox, the newest version is, they underline words in red if you spell it wrong. You can use that for the time being.

  10. Really don't like the changes. Spell check missing. The photos are particularly more difficult to manage.

  11. I noticed that a "couple of days" has turned into 4.

    Any more news on when the spellcheck will be available?

  12. use modzilla firefox

    will have the functions of spell check just like MS words

    just have to right click underlined words and choose the correct spelling..

    lets just use this b4 wordpress recovers the wordpress function =)

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