Where did the date go? Why are posts squished together?

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    A reader wrote and asked me where the date and times went. Yikes….where did they go? There was a circle with the date in it at least. I’m also noticing that blog posts look all squished together with little separation between posts. Is this something WordPress changed? How can I fix it? Thanks :-)

    The blog I need help with is wendyusuallywanders.wordpress.com.


    I see the posts, dates and such just fine with no squishing in Firefox, Opera and Safari.


    Thank you for looking! :-) I have an old iBookG4 that cannot get a browser update. It looks awful on this machine. My other Mac went up in a puff of smoke a month and a half ago. Sigh…

    I will convey your message to my friend…..no idea what sort of computer or browser she is using.


    You are welcome.

    If you can find out what browser your friend is using, and what version, that will help.

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