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Where did the links in my sidebar go?

  1. I just noticed that all of the links in the sidebar of my blog,, have disappeared. All other content on the sidebar appears, but the links do not (though the header for each section does). Any ideas? Thanks!

    - Matt

  2. Note: The comma after my URL is interfering with the ability of the link to work properly. My blog can be found at:

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Well is about to go through a big upgrade on Thursday. Maybe the madness is starting early in a few features. Today my category widget was missing.

  4. I somehow fixed it: I deleted the "Links" widget, saved the changes, and then added it back, and saved the changes -- voila! For some reason this very "Microsoft Tech Support-like" manuever worked -- but, hey, it worked! :)

  5. Our category widget just went missing too.

  6. There's another thread on this which picked up from the one started back in October when it happened before.

    You can fix it temporarily, but it soon reverts back to the problem. I've contacted support. Don't know if it has something to do with the upgrade, but wish someone would inform us.

  7. I have the Kubrick theme, but I'd like the side bar to appear on every page and every post. What should I do? My blog is:

  8. You can't make the theme do something it wasn't designed to do. In this case, Kubrick doesn't show the sidebar on every page. The only thing you can do is pick a theme that does.

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