Where did the Style Sheet go?

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    I have a paid Custom CSS upgrade and with the most recent changes to WP, the link to view the original style sheet of my theme has disappeared. Where can I find it now?

    The blog I need help with is aliannedonnelly.com.




    The link to the style sheet does, yes. But there used to be one right on the custom CSS page I could click and view for reference. Now it’s gone. I have another blog with a different theme and when I went to the custom CSS tab to try my hand at some revisions, the link isn’t there anymore. =( I have found that each theme has a slightly different way of labeling elements and the alterations I have now probably won’t carry over to another theme.

    Is there another place to see the style sheets now? Maybe on the individual theme details pages?



    I don’t know because I don’t help with CSS editing. Staff do provide support for CSS editing but it’s the weekend and there isn’t much visible presence of Staff on these forums on the weekends.



    Hi alydonnelly,

    It’s been moved in the Publish meta box. If you click “Edit” link next to “Mode” there is a “theme’s CSS” link where you can see the original theme’s CSS. Screenshot

    Hope it helps.

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