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where do i find how much of my 3 gigs i've used up?

  1. i got one hellofa shock yesterday when i noticed - i don't recall what page i was on -
    that i had used up 99.9% of my 3g!
    ive resized all my pics to average 4mb? kb?
    i have been told that text uses a tiny amount
    what else can i remove?

  2. Are you sure you're reading that right? If you click on Add Media in the write window, it should show the % remaining, like mine does:

    4.8 MB used, 3.0 GB (99.8%) upload space remaining.

  3. heleneodette, you've used only 1.3mb of space on your bizlinks blog, and have almost all of your 3.0gb free.

  4. Text is also not counted. You have a blog with millions of words but until you start uploading you are using no space.

  5. thanks v & t!
    what a relief!
    i stopped putting pics on blog to 'keep going' and have started to cross ref pics being used with identical copies - to delete them
    praaayzzza the wordpress!

    why is wp soooooo bleeping slooooow
    for days now

    must dash about to have a power cut got to close eveyting down

  6. Well, that will slow down posting, a power cut.

    Don't worry about your images. I have like seven hundred images and still have only used 1% of my space. Unless you are uploading manatees and live bears, I think that you'll find you have enough space.

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