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Where do I find the URL for my articles? Nothing seems to work.

  1. I can't find the URL for my blogs to send to others. I copy from the heading but this doesn't work. What is it, or where is it? I've done all the suggested things but I can only log on by clicking on a URL in an email sent to me!
    Blog url:

  2. There are no posts at

    What is the URL of the blog you're referring to?

  3. This blog is empty >
    This blog is empty >

    It looks like you have deleted the Hello World placeholder post on both blogs and that created a 404 page not found error on the front page. Be aware that the error message will disappear as soon as you publish a post, not a page.


  5. I confess I can't quite grasp what it is all about (having moved from the simpler blogspot). I would be happy to cancel some of the blogs I opened (I didn't mean to open all these, I was playing with titles). When I click on My Blogs, or Manage my Blogs, it shows the number 3, but only the most recent opens when I click on it. I cannot trace the other blog from the Dashboard but it is in a link sent to me by a friend who found it online and was commenting on it.

    I can access the About page but not on the blog site of my most recent article, yet all of them have the same header.

    Help. Maybe I'm having a very stupid two days, but I'm feeling trapped.


    Your more recent Post

    Just click on the title then copy the URL from the browser when you are looking at the Post or Page

  7. I've been doing this without any success. Just tried it again but once again I get a message saying .... cannot find any documents relating to this ...
    I normally find things by copying the URL from the browser but in this case it just doesn't work. Anyway, I can access this article even if I can't send a reference to it to anyone else, but I cannot access the article I put up yesterday. The browser URL is

  8. Continued from above. I can access the article by clicking on the URL in the above comment box, but not when I past it into my Google search box.

  9. It means that Google has not indexed your article / Post yet - pay no attention to Google - just send the link and find the link from your site - you have a ONE DAY OLD SITE - it can take search engines 4 to 6 ++ weeks to index a new site

  10. Thanks to everyone who answered my query. I shall give Google a few days and then try again. I'm reluctant to tweet anything I put up in case it doesn't work so shall give it a day or two.

  11. Another query. When I am on my site it tells me I have 3 posts and that is correct, but only one of them is showing. Not until I scroll way down (and I've only just found this out) do I see them listed in Your Stuff. Am I right?

  12. It may take weeks of frequently publishing fresh and unique content that's not available anywhere else on the internet to gain search engine attention. Here are 10 factors that tend to expedite the indexing process.

  13. Why are you wasting your time with Google? - the URL works - just send the URL in your whatever you are going to use - DON'T send anyone to Google

  14. Thanks again to everyone who has helped.

    Yes, I do rely too much on Google!

  15. I would never send people to Google because that could amount to sending them to competing sites. I send them directly to my own blog.

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