Where do I go to add FEED Buttons to my blog?

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    I have a code created by a tool to add to the side bar of my blog to have those FEED buttons for Yahoo, google and others to appear. How do I add them? Where in the menue should I go?



    WordPress doesn’t allow the templates to be modified. Unless you pay to have it hosted yourself. You can add plain old links but no javascript. Security issues.



    Ah… that would be incorrect advice. Lorelle has had a post on how to do it but with the addition of two new widgets she also has one on how to use them to add your rss feeds.

    My site has the old version of feed display.



    We can add codes now???? But it’s javascript. Can I add the code from Blog Top Sites so I can be back on their catalog listings:




    You can’t add javascript. Choose a Theme that features the new WordPress Widgets and add RSS feeds through the Widget. You will know a Theme has Widgets when “SIDEBAR EDITOR” appears next to sub-tab for THEME under PRESENTATION.

    Not all Themes on WordPress.com are enabled for this new feature to add sidebar accessories to your Theme’s sidebar. But for those that do, you can add text, move things around, and even add feeds to your sidebar.

    To simply add Feed Links, like a graphic that points to the feed for your WordPress.com blog for the whole site or specific categories, to your sidebar, like the ones on my site, just add the link to the feed using LINKS in the Administration Panel. Save the image to your blog through the Write Post panel, and then put the link to the feed graphic in the Graphic part of the Link Manager Form for that link and enable it to show the graphic instead of the text. No javascript involved.

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