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    Hi to all of you

    First of all, many thanks for taking the time to read this!

    I am very new to WordPress (5 days) but already I am finding things with my chosen theme (Imbalance 2 by WPShower) that I would like to change.

    If you would take a look at the front page of my site, WonderfulCinema.com, you can see that I have extra categories showing with each posting that I want hidden. To be specific, if we look at my last entry for Double Indemnity, under the picture it says “Classic Film, Movies, Reviews, Videos”. I only want it to say “Classic Film” but I don’t want to delete the other categories (just hide them) so that my posts hit the relevant wordpress blog pages.

    Is CSS the way to go? And, if so, where do I begin?

    Many thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is wonderfulcinema.com.


    You cannot exclude just certain categories from the list underneath the posts. All the categories are collectively under one selector in the CSS, so it is either hide all of them or hide none of them.


    You might be able to do something VERY tricky like this… but it would only work in modern browsers, and it really only works for the same element in the list (i.e. always shows just the 2nd category link.

    .categories a {
    display: none;
    .categories a:nth-child(2) {
    display: inline;
    position: absolute;

    I couldn’t get rid of the extra comma, but you get the idea.

    Anyway, why hide the extra categories? Why not keep them?



    Thanks for your replies!

    designsimply asked:

    Anyway, why hide the extra categories? Why not keep them?

    I originally set up WonderfulCinema.com with four main film categories: Recent Film Release, Past Film Release, Foreign Film and Classic Film. Every film that I post, I want that heading under the picture and above the title. It’s a different way to organise things which I think might make my site very slightly different to all the other film review sites.

    Then I learnt about Tags, so I added genre tags to each film posting. Thriller, Action, etc.

    Yesterday I saw that in order to get onto WordPress’ Entertainment or Movies page with my postings, I need those words somewhere too. I added them as tags initially but this really messes up my Tag Cloud which I only want to contain film genres.

    So I added these extra key-words as additional main categories. But now I’ve got a messy group of words under my film posters (especially “Double Indemnity, my latest post – which I’m using to experiment with all this).

    Maybe what I’m trying to do is just not possible (keeping the tag cloud clean, the text under the film poster)? But maybe someone could give me advice on how to somehow accomplish something similar with a compromise or two?

    I had hoped that if I bought the Custom Design option from WPShower for my Imbalance 2 theme I could then tweak absolutely everything. I guess this is not the case, eh?

    Many many thanks for taking the time to read!

    All the best


    I see what you mean about the global tag pages and the tag cloud. That’s a tradeoff. There’s not a way to compromise and get both a cleaner tag cloud and more tags on WordPress.com. But if you kept the tags to a few key important ones, those would stand out and maybe the tag cloud would be relatively clean still.



    Thanks for the advice, designsimply!

    Maybe I should use tags only for film genres, thereby keeping my tag cloud clean, and move everything else over to categories and only show one or two categories using the code you provided above.

    . . .

    I’ve just previewed your code in the CSS Stylesheet Editor and it does look a little strange with those extra commas. Also, it seems to be displaying the category alphabetically. i.e. for “Movies, Foreign Film”, it displays “Foreign Film”; for “Movies, Recent Release” it displays “Movies”.

    I wonder if I should do away with my tag cloud altogether and show my film genres in some other way, using individual custom links or a drop-down. Would this be possible? This would free up my use of tags.



    I actually have a similar problem. I can’t get any of my posts to display their categories on my home page. Even though I assign each post to several categories, all you see on the main page is my featured picture and my caption — but not the categories that I assigned to the post.

    Any suggestions?



    Please click this link and start your own thread in the Support Forum. This forum is for those who have the custom design upgrade and who are getting CSS customization editing advice.


    Please do not post the same question in multiple threads. I answered you in the other thread.


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