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Where do my contact messages go?

  1. I have added a Contact page to my blog iwkhoob using the Mistylook theme's contact template.

    I tried sending a tester, but I have no idea where the message went. I didn't receive it at the registered email address and I can't find it in any of the tabs in wordpress. Does anyone know how I either A. find the messages or B. configure the form to send to my email address?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. It should go to your email address. Did you look in your junk mail folder?

  3. I checked my junk, it is a hotmail account (i don't know if that makes any difference).

    I looked on the forums for the theme and someone mentions permaliks, but with I can't do anything with that. I think my messages must be lost in cyberspace.

  4. Have you changed your email? They might be going to your old one if that's the case. I haven't heard about any problems using hotmail, myself.

  5. Bizarre, I haven't changed my email. Maybe if I ignore it... it will all resolve itself. Thanks for your help anyway :)

  6. Well, I just sent you a test, so we'll see if it gets through.

  7. I just had an idea: sometimes when you send an email to yourself in hotmail, it automatically thinks it's some kind of spam thing and kills it. That's "Not a bug, it's a FEATURE" according to Microsoft. If mine gets through, then all should be well. It was just hotmail preventing you from essentially emailing yourself.

  8. I didn't get it. I'm thinking my theme's default contact page is not going to work. Thanks for your help.

  9. Try creating another page just to test with the [contact form] format as in the FAQ and see if that works.

  10. I should have just done that in the first place

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