Where do the people come from?

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    In the dashboard there’s a statistics page that shows you the hits on the various blog posts and the referrers. I’ve been wondering why there’s a discrepancy between the referrers and the actual hits.

    For instance, at the time of writing there have been 327 visitors to my blog today (according to the chart). There are 123 referrers, and 219 reads (the top posts).

    I’m just curious about how these numbers relate to each other. Anyone care to give a definitions? Why are there so few referrers compared to visits? Is every referrer shown? If someone sends a link in email, is it shown in the referrers-table?



    You visits will be made up of:
    – Referrers from specifc pages
    – Search engines
    – Feeds
    – Manually typing the url
    – Bookmarked url
    – Emailed url

    The stats page only shows the referrers and from search engines – the rest make up the numbers to the total visitors.

    Someone please corect me if Im wrong, but it’s how I understand it anyway.



    Do note that the “327 visitors” you quote is actually just page views, not individual hits.



    I was just wondering. :)

    I thought that was visits since other counters say I’ve got that many visitors per day – on average. Notably bloggtoppen.se, a sort of top 10 of swedish blogs. According to it I’ve collected 1350 visits since Sunday.

    No need to tell me counting internet visitors is notoriously difficult. I know. But anyway, would it be possible to count the non-search engine referrers?


    Bloggenbent, I don’t have any answers, but I went to your site to check it out since it is so popular. I found it difficult to read. :)



    @writenow. I’m waaaay behind everyone else that counts, but since javascripts are banned I can’t hook the blog up to a decent stats package where I could do more analysis – so I’m just studying what I’ve got. :)

    And I guess you’d have to be swedish to read it. :)



    only shows the referrers and from search engines

    Sorry, didn’t see the and in there, so disregard my question about seeing non-search engine referrals to. I should sleep, I think. Sometime. Maybe. :)


    Bloggenbent, I’m surprised to know that English may not be your first language. You write very well. Sleep is a good thing, whether in English or Swedish, I suspect.



    Particularly at 2.15 a.m. :)

    I’m really too old for these long-nighters. Age should bring sensibility. Or something like that. :)

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