Where do yo post functionality feedback on WordPress?

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    I have been all over these support pages and can’t find a simple ‘Send feedback to WordPress’ button. This confirms some of my comments below…

    1. I spent half an hour today captioning my uploaded photos ready to insert into this week’s blog. At the end I decided that one of the photos I had uploaded was not needed so I clicked ‘delete’ followed ‘continue’. Without any warning the SOB trashed all my captions! This is a crap design! No warning at all. All my work gone.

    2. When inserting the now captioned (again) photos into my blog there are several deficiencies in to the workflow design. First, the photos are not in chronological order. Second, as each one is inserted it is not removed from the list so you have to remember where you are up to. And third, you can only insert one at a time!

    3. The spelling checker is set to US English, which as most of the world knows, is not really English at all. I loathe having the word ‘colour’ misspelled as ‘color’ etc. Why can’t WordPress respect regional settings?

    So, I honestly cannot currently recommend that new users asking me about blogging adopt WordPress. It is just too quirky.
    Blog url: http://bikernz.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is bikernz.wordpress.com.



    re: 1 and 2
    Please see what Staff ie. iammattthomas has said in this thread >

    3. I’m a Canadian who does not feel the same way you do about American English spelling and I don’t have an answer to your question as I don’t use that spellchecker at all, so I’ll flag this thread for a response from Staff.



    Thanks for the fast response. I followed your link but did not find helpful information relating to my issues.

    I have just experimented with the gallery feature and can’t get satisfaction from that either. I went to the blog I am just about to publish and tried to put 16 of the 24 images into a carousel. Can’t do it. It takes all 24 images every time. This is not very user friendly.



    I’m sorry what Staff said in that thread was not helpful. What I took away from that thread is that Staff are making changes this weekend that affect images, images captions, carousel, and gallery display of images.

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