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Where do you change nameservers?

  1. I keep trying and trying. Every tutorial takes to me a page that I dont have. I go to to STORE, then to DOMAINS but then I am at a dead end. Nowhere to log into Domain Administration. If I click on my blog like it says it just goes to the blog, I
    never get the little picture that looks like 3 stacked coins, or anything about changing name servers. I have wasted alot of time now and getting very frustrated!!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wanted to add: I do get something that says DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION on the Domain page, but the instructions say to log in and all I get is a drop down menu. Even following the drop down doesnt get me to name servers

  3. Illustrated instructions are here > Domain Mapping ยป Domain Management > Updating Nameservers

    1. Login using the Domain Manager Login instructions. ... 7.

  4. If you still can't achieve this you will have to contact Staff.

  5. Did you buy a domain name through I don't see one attached to the site linked to your username: .

  6. Ok...I figured it out. On the page that I was getting to...DOMAINS...I had to click on UNDO PRIVACY...after that it allowed me to follow through the steps and pages as shown.

    sacred: yes I did buy it, I hope it is working right.

  7. You can see the progression of the domain name change taking place throughout the internet as the DNS caches are flushed here >
    Please be ware this can take up to 72 hours to complete and also note that the links you see on the Admin side of the blog will be subdomain URLs. That is normal. Do not fiddle and attempt to change any links just be patient and wait this out.

  8. Yep, I'm seeing your blog at that address, so the propagation of the nameserver change is underway.

  9. Thanks!! I may qualify for the worlds most ignorant blogger (at least on blogging and

  10. No ignorance, you just hadn't yet learned. We are all learning all the time.

  11. Not to worry. You are doing great!

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