Where do you find the file size of your pictures on WP?

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    I am looking at my uploaded pictures in media library, but it only tells dimensions and not file size. Is there a way to see how big they are once uploaded? I am trying to figure out if the files are huge on WP and taking up my space and if I need to resize them, but I can’t figure out where you see the file size on WP. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is richierichcomicsfanclub.wordpress.com.



    Go to Media > Library and click View under the thumbnail; then right-click on the image, if your browser supports a view-image-info option; otherwise copy the image to your desktop then right-click.

    a) The uploaded version will be smaller in size than your original, because WP compresses the images a bit.
    b) I think it’s more useful to check how much space you’ve used in total instead of examining each image. You can readily see this if you go to Media > Library (right below the heading).


    Thank you! I did just realize you can batch reduce all your pics in Photoshop so I made them all low quality and I can’t tell the difference. Yea!

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