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where do you get your inspiraton to write a blog

  1. Where do you get your inspiration to write a blog?..

  2. Day to day life, obstructions that life throws in my way, things that get up my nose, anything that makes me grumpy, and anything that makes me smile.

  3. My love for writing - I said a long, long time ago that I really should get a blog. I never did until recently - now I love doing it (the blog that is). I don't know if I am any good or if I am doing it correctly, but is there a way to do a blog correctly? I just write down things that go on from day to day and b*tch every now and again just because it is a vent.

    So the real answer to your question is everyday life and my imagination.

  4. Corruption

  5. 1. Love for writing
    2. not being a native writer, love for English the language
    3. the need to practice :-)

  6. boredom & i enjoy writing, its stress relieving.

    eh, cant come up with the right words for this one, i'm trying to sound too depressive though, however: I'm a talketive person that has no one to talk to (more so no one really wants to listen)

    ideas. lots of them that need to be brought to the readers.

    a wish to make a change, even if its the slightest bit.

  7. One thing I didn't mention is cycling. Not so much because it inspires my blogging, but doing a hard uphill slog is much easier if I draft a post in my head as I go. By the time I've got up the final uphill stretch to my driveway, I usually have a post done and dusted so I can just dump it onto the computer.

    If I'm not drafting posts, then I notice the 1-in-10 gradient and it's much, much harder getting up the hill!

  8. Increasingly I'm keen to make a difference (however small) to the world around me.

    "The Price of Love" is written to help people (and especially parents) who have lost a partner. Being widowed with small children is a baffling and enormously difficult experience and I feel a strong vocation to share some of what I learned along that rocky road.

    I also have another blog, Roads of Stone (, where I write on history, landscapes and the environment - and, rather like Stonehead above, much of my inspiration comes whilst I'm out running.

    Here I'm currently writing a series of posts on Africa - outlining some of the huge challenges faced by that continent and considering what we as individuals can do to help.

  9. Note when I wrote:

    "i'm trying to sound too depressive "

    it was suppose to be "i'm not* trying to sound too depressive "

    meh, i hate it when i make typos like that.

  10. lol its alright i think everyone makes typos like that...

    i get my inspiration from life

  11. Sometimes I get ideas from Poems! - Texas poet Janet McCann gives us insight into the significance of one woman's collection. The abundance and variety of detail suggest the clutter of such a life.

    The Woman Who Collects Noah's Arks
    Has them in every room of her house,
    wall hangings, statues, paintings, quilts and blankets,
    ark lampshades, mobiles, Christmas tree ornaments,
    t-shirts, sweaters, necklaces, books,
    comics, a creamer, a sugar bowl, candles, napkins,
    tea-towels and tea-tray, nightgown, pillow, lamp.
    Animals two-by-two in plaster, wood,
    fabric, oil paint, copper, glass, plastic, paper,
    tinfoil, leather, mother-of-pearl, styrofoam,
    clay, steel, rubber, wax, soap.
    Why I cannot ask, though I would like
    to know, the answer has to be simply
    because. Because at night when she lies
    with her husband in bed, the house rocks out
    into the bay, the one that cuts in here to the flatlands
    at the center of Texas. Because the whole wood structure
    drifts off, out under the stars, beyond the last
    lights, the two of them pitching and rolling
    as it all heads seaward. Because they hear
    trumpets and bellows from the farther rooms.
    Because the sky blackens, but morning finds them always
    safe on the raindrenched land,
    bird on the windowsill.

  12. news, conversations and my favorite science magazines =)

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