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Where do you report a blog that has stolen your entire content of a post?

  1. I found this but nothing else yet...

    "2. We do not permit blogs that consist entirely or mostly of duplicate material, including cut-and-paste or screen-scraped blogs, and those that merely re-publish syndicated articles sourced from affiliate and marketing sites."

    I'm fairly new to blogging - so it may be nothing but I'm not sure. On my blog stats page - "Other blogs that have linked to your site" there was a link from "Generic Stories" that had my entire post on there.

    Is this a WordPress page? Or is this another blog that has stolen my post?

    There were a lot of other bloggers' posts there as well.

  2. What is the address of the other blog?

  3. Wow! This is wierd. I just went back to get it and it was gone. Give me a minute and I'll check my history and retrieve the address.

  4. It is all fully explained on the site.

  5. mmm... I can say, I'm going to wait for my turn to get 'exploited' there...

  6. Apparently WordPress can't do anything about this because it doesn't have a wordpress address. It is very confusing though (beginner remember) it does say WordPress in the "Tag" - whatever that is.

    I'm just going to find out how to blacklist it from my site. I wonder why it didn't show up as spam.

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