where does search engine terms comes?

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    yesterday I had 23 traffic from search engine terms with keyword “sex”, “sex picture”
    I am curious about where is my visitor come? I mean what search engine they use so they can find my blog with keyword that a list above, I try search on wordpress search with those keyword but I couldn’t find my blog, I didn’t try google because I am sure there are a lot top site with keyword “sex” or “sex picture”. FYI I am not using sex or sex picture as my tag in my posting.

    I hope I can find the answer so I can optimize my blog better

    The blog I need help with is rianjayadi.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Search results are not entirely determined by tags. My best guess is that it’s the article that you posted that is titled “5 Sex Secrets She Wants YOU To Know” and that contains a picture with the words “sex secret” when you hover over it. But that’s just a guess…


    I just realized that I put that picture in my posting. I got a conclusion now. picture can also help optimize blog on search engine

    thank airodyssey for your help



    Very much so. Images are REALLY important in SEO. Each image has four places you can use keywords: the file name, the alt text, the caption, and the description.


    wow, thank raincoaster for the details, before I know this, I was always leave alt text caption and description blank.



    This post contains some solid information and tips for optimizing images
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