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Where does your header image come from?

  1. Not my question but macmanx the Happiness Engineer asked this question in another thread and I thought it was quite interesting.

    Mine is an image I shot myself during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year of a performer flyering for their show.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine is made from photos each of us snapped in February when we were in Qatar. The fact they are apart was my daughter's idea as we were being kept apart.

    The text is what has always been the title and tag line.

    At first there were no photos, because I couldn't risk identifying my husband. Then I put up pixelated versions. Now we are all together they are just the photos.

    Perhaps I need a new header now..........

  3. strawberryindigo

    My headers change but mostly they are shots of some of the beautiful flowers in my garden.

  4. @Theianfox I think I replied to that thread as well. My Header/Banner is taken from a portion of the Cover of my Comic Book Pages I had done. There have only been 8 Pages Drawn, but I also had the Artist Draw me the Comic Book Cover for Issue One and Issue Two. The Portion of the Image Displayed is Two Hands with the Yin and Yang Sign in the Middle. The Full Cover can be seen here Comic Book Pages on one of my Blog Pages.

  5. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    All my images are either photos I took or photos of paintings, I painted.

  6. So far mine have all been the photos I take. I recently changed mine to a collage of leaves I took at my parent's house a few Thanksgiving's ago.

  7. I made a collage of fun images around the web.

  8. A drawing I made that fits the title of my blog.

  9. I made mine on lol

  10. One attached to my photo, was designed logo.

    2nd blog, was a photo I took of an old growth huge tree (temperate rainforest) on a university campus in Vancouver. It was in a garden area where also this tree was protected.

    3rd blog, velo-city 2012 conference now has a new banner, actually designed by a professional firm, but the resolution given for the blog vs. conference website was not great. I like the banner design though.

  11. I like your banner noemiz, in terms of its drawing.

    I was thinking of changing the cyclewrite blog banner/header since I took a lovely photo of bleeding hearts flowers....but I think it will change the whole "feel' or "essence" of the blog.

  12. I change headers frequently on both the blogging tips blog linked to my username and on my personal blog too. I use free images from many sources found on this Resources page under "images (free sources)" on my blog.

  13. plasticdaffodils

    I've gone through a few headers, but I drew them all myself using Photoshop and a drawing tablet.

  14. The one on my main blog (Absurd Old Bird) is a painting I did a long time ago.

  15. I like reading about some of ideas and what people ended up using for their blog banner.

    Keep this thread going! Should inspire any newbie or those who need a fresh new look/brand.

  16. I actually hadn't realised I could use an image in my banner until I saw this thread! I'll have to try and take a photo next week or something, but how exciting! Literally this is awesome. Although realising how much of a noob I still am at WP is a little bit of a shock, ha ha!

    Thanks for the thread :D

  17. @Absurd I like yours Absurd

    @Anna I definitely like the Theme you chose for yours, but a Picture would be cool too

  18. Mine was created in Photoshop.

    I took photos, using a crappy little Pentax, of freshly baked pies from various brands before I settled on the pie I bought from Waitrose. I also took shots of biscuits like digestives, hob nobs and bourbons. I settled on a custard cream, though the chocolate covered digestive was a very close second. I then went back to Photoshop and experimented with fonts, font colours, filters on the pie and biscuit and backgrounds. Because I wanted the pie to look like it was breaking out of the header, I used shadows to give depth and made the bottom white so it blended with the rest of the theme. Finally, I put all the elements together and... voila!

  19. I finally have a header image! I think it looks alright... it took long enough to decide what I wanted on there!

    I am now much too computered out for tonight, folks. See ya'll tomorrow!

  20. @Anna

    It looks good


  21. Thanks! Looking at it this morning though, I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with it, but I'll just see how it goes, I guess.

  22. Ah, I've changed it again, and I finally think I'm happy with it! :D It's now a photograph that I took of Brighton Pier, only I've made it b+w so it's a little creepier. I think it suits my blog perfectly and I might just have to stick with this one this time!

  23. @Anna that looks great


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