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Where has my sidebar disappeared to?

  1. Okay, this is very weird - I am using the same layout and design as I have no sidebar info? (Wed. Nov. 12)...I'm pretty sure it was there early this morning, and I haven't made any posts there today soooooo, what's happening?

    HELP (please?)


  2. I should add - I've had no problems at all with this layout since I began using The widgets used in the sidebar as follows:

    2 of the Text Widges

    I'd like to add a search box widget, but since my sidebar seems to have disappeared....

  3. I see your sidebar just fine. Perhaps you need to clear your cache?

    And take a look at this FAQ

  4. I clear my cache pretty regularly,'s there one view, not there the next?

    It isn't the same issue as listed in the other post...I haven't changed any of the content since the last time I saw the sidebar regularly.

    Boy, how weird is that?

    At any rate, if others can see it, I'm not quite as bothered as I was. That gives me time to figure out what's wrong.

    Thanks for the taking the time - much appreciated!

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