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where has the efficient and kind *how can I help you* live support gone?

  1. I recently opened two blogs and I had the kind and helpful operator popping up from the bottom of the page saying *hi, how can I help you?*. Thanks to that support I could easily build my pages. Now that the one I use for my job is ready I'm having a huge and very bad problem: the email forwarding is not working! so I'm probably loosing contacts and I'm seriously worried. I asked for help/support via email but still the problem is not solved and I'm loosing days

    What happened to that great live supporting staff?

    I feel abandoned in the moment of need...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Live chat support for Business tier users is available Monday – Friday, from 9am until 5pm, Eastern Time (UTC-5)

  3. thanks for your answer Jennifer,

    unfortunately I cannot find any live chat help at the right bottom of my dashboard. It used to pop out automatically when I didn't nned it and now that I need it urgently it is not there anymore.

    is there any short cut or easier way to find it?

    can u maybe help me solve the email forwarding mess?

    thank you

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