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Where has Word Count gone

  1. With the updated interface, I no longer find the "word count" feature as I'm writing a post. That was profoundly useful, if I wanted to make sure I said something enticing within the first 50-60 words allowed by "summary" RSS feeds.

    I've looked through the Preferences menus, hoping to find the switch to turn it on -- but no dice. Where has it disappeared to? Anybody know if it'll be back?

    (For what it's worth: Firefox on SimplyMEPIS Linux 7.0.)


  2. Yes, it's been covered. At first I was going to tell you to do a forum search but then I did one and found that the forum search for "word count" does not bring up a single one of the threads of the past two days about the missing word count issue. I'll send in a report about the useless search later.

    The answer is that staff are aware it's missing and are fixing it. No estimate on when, but they know people really miss it.

  3. Good to know. Thanks.

  4. Just want to seccond the plea for a return of 'word count' - it was a really useful feature.

  5. I know staff is working on it. No idea when it'll be fixed, though.

  6. No doubt it will come back better than ever.

  7. Thanks! I hadn't got around to asking yet, now I won't have to.

  8. me too -- really missing it!

  9. thank you for telling us that staff are working on it. i miss my word count feature!

  10. It's been missing since we switched to the wordpress 2.5 admin

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