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Where have 23 Posts vanished to?

  1. I have 23 posts which have vanished. How do I retrieve them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have they disappeared from your Posts list in your Dashboard, as well as from the site?

    –go to Dashboard > Posts > All Posts. If you can find them in the list, check that their Visibility is set to 'Public,' and their Status is 'Published.'

    –if not, check your Trash from the All Posts screen.

    Here is some info that might help you find the trash and status, etc: Edit Posts Screen

    –If the posts are really and truly gone, you can try to recreate them if they exist in google's cache: Deleted Posts and Pages

    Let us know if these suggestions help!

  3. They have vanished from everywhere. I only know one for sure, because I was about to reference it.

    I have noticed gaps for a while and thought posts had just posted like that. It wasn't until a couple of days ago when I was looking specifically for something I had written, that I looked through and saw the other gaps. The only one I know for sure is the one now mentioned.

    They have just vanished, gone, even from my Facebook page. The photos however are still in the Media section.

  4. thistimethisspace

    Can your locate them here in Google's indexed search results?

    Please provide the titles and I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  5. thistimethisspace

    your = you
    sorry :(

  6. I have been as far as page 26 on the link you provided. I have also asked Contributors to check to see which articles of theirs are missing. When I have written elsewhere now or in the past, I keep a copy for myself. I figured they'd be safe here.

    I have no idea when this happened. I may never have thought further on it if I hadn't want to reference something I wrote.

    I have 7 photos dated 20th September which was on the article. It says "unattached" I know what it was about but no idea as to the name.

    The point is why has this happened? I am in the process of changing to a WP website, it's in the hands of someone at present who is moving everything across.

  7. "Can your locate them here in Google's indexed search results?"

    No I can't as I don't know the names.

  8. More have gone in the past week or so

  9. It appears that your username sfinn2013 has deleted posts regularly over the past few months, with several having been deleted within the past couple of days.

    If you are not deleting them, someone else may have access to your account. You should immediately change your password as well as the password to the email address associated with this account. Also consider whether someone else has access to the computer you use to log in, and if so, be sure to log out of your account whenever you're done.

  10. Thank you so much. I knew I wasn't imagining things. Yes I know a few have vanished again in the last few days too.
    My account has been hacked.
    It's not more than 6 months old either.
    Internet access via my Ultrabook is at home, my husband never goes near it.

    I am trying to work out if it could be via my phone. I don't know if the spaces were there before I download the App.

  11. I have removed my phone App. Do you think that is necessary.?

    I have changed my email address totally and my password.

  12. The WordPress app on your phone would only be a liability if A) you have no passcode on your phone and B) it is regularly left in a location where others have access to it.

  13. Jackie thank you for all your help. It is much appreciated

  14. Please help again. Posts have gone missing again today with everything changed and I am logged out.

  15. Our records show that in the last 24 hours, only two images, but no posts, were deleted.

  16. Jackiedana
    Maybe I am now paranoid? I thought I saw more gaps. Thanks and sorry

  17. For now, use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer to create posts. They keep a copy of everything.

  18. Thanks very much fro that advice. Greatly appreciated. Since posting this and hopefully rectifying the issue I lost another 5.

  19. Disable ALL browser add-ons. See if you have any called "code cleaner" or something like that. If so, delete them permanently; a few years ago someone enabled it,a nd it stripped out every post in her five year old blog.

    Export a full copy of your blog right now, from the Tools page. Then you can just import it again if you continue to lose posts.

  20. I do not see any additional posts being deleted from I also see nothing unusual in your trash or in drafts.

    Can you please post the titles or links to posts that have gone missing?

  21. Thanks they appear to be ok now

  22. Another post has gone missing since yesterday

  23. I have changed my password. I have changed my email address and I am logged out when I am not on line?

    This is ridiculous. What do I do? Please

  24. Again, I am not seeing any record of posts being deleted on the blog

    Please let me know which posts are going missing, or at least explain what makes you think posts are disappearing, and I will look into it further for you. Are they draft posts? Are they perhaps on a different blog?

  25. Jackie I think I am chasing shadows. I am stressed out anyway beyond belief. If you are a "Happiness Engineer" I wish you could give me some of it.
    If you look at the front page 4th down on the right next to 'Welcome to Palestine' there is a gap

    What is that please and where did it come from?
    I am being so careful. Logging in and out.Maybe I should have WP or Firefox remember my very complicate password ?

  26. Aha!

    It looks like those gaps you're seeing aren't due to missing posts, but simply the way the theme Inuit Types displays posts. See the demo for another example:

  27. Why on earth did they do that? Must be a man's doing !!!!!

    So in other words I have gaps for two reasons.!! How on earth will I know if this happens again. This Blog is being transferred to a WordPress one and I wonder if that is the same situation as this.

    OMG it is so frustrating!!

  28. The issue is entirely related to the theme design. If it bothers you, you're welcome to try a different theme, and the problem should be resolved.

  29. You yourself told me posts had been deleted that's what I am getting at. I also know that for a fact. I found that out when I was looking for posts. Some posts have gone missing but the pictures are still there.

    I am not concerned at present because a web designer is dealing with a web site for me at present.

    What I need to know if the same thing will occur with a web site and how do I tell what have been deleted and which ones are the gaps due to the design layout.

  30. I apologize for any confusion. While it's true that a number of posts were deleted from your blog, what you perceived as missing posts on your site was a function of your theme. The fact that you noticed these two things at more or less the same time is pure coincidence. We do not display deleted posts as gaps or in any other way on a public site.

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