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Where have all my polls gone?

  1. (Yes, I know the left nav has changed)
    My polls have disappeared... all 3+ years of them, including the currently-running poll, which is visible on my post ( at but not functional. I get this message when I click on feedback>polls : "You haven't used our fancy plugin to create any polls for this blog!/Why don't you go ahead and get started on that?" on Tried another blog I administer (which I have never used polls on),, and when I click on feedback>polls, I get a different message: "To use polls in WordPress, you will need an account with our sister product,"
    I have tried in Firefox and in Opera, as administrator and as not. The "view results" doesn't work, and the "" link within the poll's layout doesn't, either.
    This have anything to do with having changed its appearance since a day or two ago? Kinda embarrassing, when I am urging my readers to vote... ;(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Polls are back now, sorry for brief trouble!

  3. Many thanks, macmanx. Don't you HATE it when out of the blue, some admin decides to check her stats and panics? LOL

  4. You're welcome!

    Actually, I'm glad that someone noticed. It's the problems where no one notices that I worry about. :)

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