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WHERE have my categories gone???

  1. Somehow my categories have vanished off my blog.

    I have not changed anything as far as moving them to a "drop-down".

    Anyone have any answers???

    Thank you!

  2. (1) Please post the url for your blog so we can see if we can see your Categories using different browsers.
    (2) What is your operating system and which browser and version of it are you using?
    (3) When you go here -> Manage -> Categories do you see your categories listed there?
    (4) When you go here -> Presentation -> Widgets do you see your Categories widget in the Sidebar box or do you see it in your Available Widgets box. If it's the latter you must drag and drop it into the Sidebar box and click "save changes" in order for the categories to be displayed in your sidebar.

  3. This just happened to me too!
    Categories vanished from blog, then i go to the widget tabs to add it again, the widget is Categories 1
    I managed to add it to the sidebar, but it doesn't accept any of the changes i make in trying to configure it.

    Help please :(


  4. hello!

    url -

    Internet Explorer categories ARE listed when I go to manage->Categories

    Thanks for your help!

  5. @ salamandrine
    Please do not panic. Everything is backed-up and if the staff are working on the Categories widget this could be the cause. Can you can see your Categories here? -> Manage -> Categories

  6. @solework
    If you go through the process above of dragging and dropping your Categories widget into the sidebar box and clicking "save changes" what happens? Do your categories display in your sidebar or not?

  7. Yes I can see them in manage. They're all there, and the posts have the tags also.
    And yes they appear in the sidebar, but i cannot configurate the "looks" of it, none of the changes are memorized.
    And it seems weird to me that now the widgets name is Categories 1

    Thanks for the speedy answer timethief :)

    I just hope it all comes back soon :(

  8. Thanks timethief

    I did what you said...and everything is back in order!

  9. @salmandrine,
    I just looked at the blog linked to your username and I see Categorias in your sidebar. If you are referring to a different blog please post the url for it.

    Also if this is the case then (1) what is your operating system and (2) which browser and version of it are you using?

  10. @solework
    YAY! Thanks for coming back and giving this report. Happy blogging :)

  11. Same here. Categories disappeared, so I went into Presentation > Widgets to re-add the widget to the sidebar. Then it wouldn't accept any changes (i.e., show hierarchy or show post count). I assumed it was a system glitch because the last time this happened it was a system-wide error.

  12. timethief~

    You are very welcome....thank YOU!

    I've seen you on these forums answering questions several times....and you have GREAT way of explaining yourself and giving support.

    GREAT calming effect!

    Much thanks...Wordpress is lucky to have you!

  13. Yes that is the blog
    Yes, it is there. But after it has disappeared the 1st time, it isn't allowing me to save the changes when I try to tell it to show the tag numbers and to show hierarchy tree.

    It seems to me that developing team really is working, because i see a different thing in the widgets settings that i don't think was there before: you can add more than 1 Category widget.

    Maybe that's what's messing with it, not letting me saving my changes on widgets :(

    thanks again!

  14. It's being fixed :)


  15. This has happened to me, too. Thank goodness others are having the same issue. "Categories" went back down to the "Widgets" that I'm not using, all by it's little self. So, I brought it back up to where it was, and it stayed there, however it will not hold my settings (I use the drop down and the hierarchy). Nor will it hold the title.

    Yep - Category widget is currently drunk.

  16. Thanks Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. LOL!

    like the smile!

    Thanks Mark! :D

    and thank you very much for the patience timethief :D

  18. @ solework
    You made my day. It's rare that a volunteer actually receives such a compliment so I intend to glory in it.

    @ samandrine
    You're most welcome.

    @yesterdaytodayand tomorrow
    I'm glad you found the correct thread. :)

    If any other bloggers are experiencing the same difficulty please do not bother to post to this thread. Mark says "it's being fixed" so please be patient.

  19. Should be fixed.

    @solework - your problems are not fixable fast because we don't know where your blog is. No link = slow help.... because we need you to come back and tell us.

  20. The url is and all of her Categories look as though they have been restored. Thumbs up for staff :)

  21. Let the blogging gods bless you!

    great team and awesome support!

    Thank you all :D

  22. Two Thumbs up - All is well over here too. Categories are SOBER!

    Whew, could never manage having 'categories' without drop-down, no way george!

    So...we might be getting a second category widget? I've wanted one of those! And a girly theme, too?

    Wow, it's Freaky Friday!

    Thanks again Mark, you rock.

  23. Sorry about the botched upgrade, folks! It should now work just as we meant it to: your Categories widget is renamed Categories 1 and you can have several of them by changing the option at the very bottom of the page (same as Text and RSS widgets).

  24. @andy
    Thanks for the update on the upgrade. As it's the weekend, I expected we would be beta testing some new gismo or another. ;)

  25. Hi timethief,

    Just to let you know....I'm a "He"....however I'm honored you thought I was a "Her"!

    Much thanks to YOU and all the awesome staff and volunteers at WordPress.

    You rock!

  26. Sorry about the gender confusion. Happy blogging.

  27. pedromarquesdg

    Same here. All of a sudden, I can't add the posts to any category: they used to be listed on the right column of the post editing area, now they're not. And the look of the styles is all wrong: no title on the posts and the text is in a completely different style.

  28. Please see the sticky post at the head of the forum

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