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Where have my subscriptions disappeared to?

  1. At the bottom of the Jetpack site stats on my site, there is the subscription field but it no longer tells be how many subscribers I have and so I also have no access to their email addresses. My site is:
    Blog url:

  2. Did you perhaps changed/moved your blog recently? if so, what's your old blog address?

  3. Maybe it is called I changed the name ages ago.

  4. Would you please tell us which version of Jetpack you're using?

  5. Version 1.3.4 - the latest one, which I updated to recently.

  6. Would you please take a screenshot of what you see at Jetpack -> Site Stats, then upload it somewhere so we can take a look?

    If you don't want to make the screenshot public, you could upload it via Media -> Add New in one of your blog's Dashboard (not your self-hosted blog).

  7. I am now at work and here I can see the subscriptions. Maybe it is something to do with the browser I am using at home. I will check it on a different browser at home tonight and let you know if there is still a problem. Thanks for your help.

  8. bryanvillarin

    You're welcome, Suzanne!

    I just wanted to let you know that you can download the latest browser versions through Browse Happy.

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