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  1. Anybody, any race,nationality etc.. fill this in please!?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And this is a technical support question HOW exactly?

  3. Okay, I geuss I am first. I am American, in Elfrida, Arizona.

  4. i am an american in the south

  5. american living in norway (which is in europe)

  6. Indonesian living in Indonesia :)

  7. I'm an american living in washington dc..

  8. LONDON =]

  9. Canadian living in Hamburg, Germany

  10. DC area, USA. (:

  11. The Grassy Knoll Institute is everywhere, except France.

  12. somethingsthat

    LONDON (is it so good we have to write it in caps nicstarr?) ;)

  13. Houston, Texas!

  14. A polish girl that grew up in New Jersey and lives in Chicago

  15. Los Angeles, Californ-I-A!

  16. Orlando, Florida - Universal, Disney World, everything.... *sigh* realundergroundkool is lucky to live in LA... hopefully I'll be going there when I apply and get accepted into USC.

  17. Edinburgh, Scotland. I love the internatioanlsim of blogging and the ppl you meet.

  18. I am an American living in rural Oregon...

  19. I'm American living in Paris doing an Internship for Axiatel!!! Great company!

  20. Romania.The internet is such a great place to meet new people.Have fun blogging everybody.

  21. I am a Caucasian American Women in Washington State.

  22. American - Floridian to be precise. I was born in Ft. Walton, grew up in stankin' ass Tampa, spent my late teens in good ol' Lake Worth and now I'm finishing up the last of my undergraduate days in hotter-than-Hell Orlando.

  23. Englishman in Engalnd (Somerset)

  24. @ somethingsthat

    Yes, London deserves extra capital letters, it's amazing :p

  25. michaeljchicago

    I once lived in the Windy City, but now I reside in the Bluegrass State. Ah... the simple life, and so it goes.

  26. Canadian-Malaysian who used to live in Canada, then Malaysia, then Australia and now back in Malaysia. For now.

  27. Haarlem, Netherlands ;-)

  28. Scotland :o)

  29. Glasgow, Scotland

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