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  1. It was so international here *Nonsense
    Hmmm .. well , I'm come from Asia's country - Malaysia :)

  2. Elephant & Castle!!

    Thats in London (UK) for those that dont know... ;)

  3. Saudi Arabia. THAT is where I am. I prefer not to tell my nationality though...:)

  4. Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA

  5. Chinese born and living in America ^o^~

  6. newark, DE, USA and missing my hometown Philadelphia,PA :)

  7. Manchester/Cardiff.

  8. cookinginmexico

    An American on the west coast of Mexico. It is still hot here -- 95 deg. F. today! Got the air conditioner running right now.

  9. Ontario, Canada....

  10. Montreal, Canada as well!

  11. An Aussie in Australia (land of flood and drought,usually not both on the same day if we are lucky).

  12. hollythestrange

    English, living in Sheffield, England. Always have.

  13. UKKKK

  14. American living in Colorado but immigrating to Canada very soon :)

  15. Mad scientist from Belgrade, Serbia...

  16. I'm from the US, and I live in Florida.

  17. Scot in the French Alps.

  18. Sydney, Australia 

  19. A german born bosnian living in Australia!

  20. A Scot Living in Manchester England

  21. Bedok South, Singapore

  22. transgressivecinema

    Somerset, England. It's glorious today, frosty and bright - much better than yesterday which was horrible.

  23. Toronto, Canada. :)

  24. shannondotjpeg

    Sydney, Australia ;D

  25. Melburn ;) Australia. land of yobs. knobs. and stiffs.

  26. Belfast, Belfast for 65 years

  27. Where the Cows Roam, America

  28. Chicago, IL!

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